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  • Drag-and-drop Attachments

    Attachments are 100% cooler than before! You can now drag-and-drop files (yes, multiple files!) directly onto job and contact pages to create attachments!

  • Focusing on Field Service with Kickserv’s Business Management Tools

    The field service industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, as the use of mobile technology has moved to the forefront in terms of scheduling and reviewing service. Today, customers expect efficient service, convenient scheduling, and cost-effective solutions that will increase the returns they get on their service investment. Regardless of your field service… Read more

  • Setting Up Field Service Software Goals

    Field service software is an excellent tool that will improve productivity and increase your ability to deliver tailored customer service. The key to getting the greatest performance from this tool is to know the goals you want to accomplish with the help of your task management software. Thus, developing effective and attainable milestones for your… Read more

  • PO Numbers on Work Orders

    PO Numbers are now visible on our default work order template.

  • Download your monthly invoice

    Account owners, you can now download your monthly invoice PDFs on the Statement History page:

  • Mobile app pricing visibility

    Both iOS and Android apps now support the hide/show pricing toggle from the web app. That means people who should see prices will, and people who shouldn’t see prices won’t. Happy Monday!

  • Bug fixes

    We deployed a fix this morning for a broken image link that was causing the default avatar image to error. We also fixed a bug that was preventing employee availability from displaying properly on the resource calendar.

  • Calendar Improvements

    We’ve pushed an update to the calendar this morning, which should improve performance. This is a large rewrite of some of the key pieces of the calendar, so please let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary. In addition, we fixed a bug that prevented Marketing module users from selecting employee hours.… Read more

  • How Field Management Software Can Benefit Your Employees in the Field

    Business management software is designed to make every aspect of your business easy to access for greater organization and up-to-the-minute snapshots of your assets for better resource management. In particular, your employees in the field will enjoy many benefits when task management software becomes a part of your business plan. Keep reading to find out… Read more

  • New option for work orders & various bug fixes

    We just deployed a change to our work order template, which allows you to display the billing address (or not) on work orders. You can set this option on the Document Settings page. We also pushed a number of bug fixes: Fixed a bug which caused extraneous zeros to appear in the price fieldwhen editing… Read more

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