Ruby/Rails Developer

Craft the next generation of Kickserv


Use your platform and API skills to build and deploy the next generation of Kickserv. Our software helps small-to-medium home service businesses succeed, day in and day out.

Skills & Experience

  • You’re familiar with the standard Ruby practices for building and packaging library code. You’ve authored a gem or three.
  • You practice good test-driven development, including modeling those pesky third-party interactions.
  • You’re fluent in Rails.
  • You have experience building and running a Rails application’s infrastructure on Amazon Web Services–maybe even using OpsWorks and/or Chef. Linux configuration does not intimidate you.
  • You have consumed a REST API that uses OAuth 2.0.
  • Better yet, you have built, shipped, and versioned one yourself, using Rails.
  • You’re comfortable as part of a fast-moving, distributed team environment. You communicate effectively via Slack, hangout, or project board with teammates in far-flung time zones.


  • Integrate the main Kickserv application with assorted third-party services
  • Help maintain and improve Kickserv’s production and test infrastructure
  • Design and build Kickserv’s next-gen REST API


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