Connect to QuickBooks® Online

Connecting your Kickserv account to QuickBooks Online is a fast and simple process that will allow you to take advantage of both platforms.

This initial sync to QuickBooks takes the longest, especially if you have a large number of Customers, Invoices, and Items.

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Switch back to Kickserv and click on QuickBooks in the sidebar.
  3. Click ‘Change’ to change your QuickBooks environment.
  4. Choose QuickBooks Online.
  5. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button.
  6. When asked to authorize Kickserv, choose Authorize.
  7. Once connected, select a default Sales account for new items, then visit the QuickBooks page.
  8. You can test the sync by pressing the Sync with QuickBooks button.
  9. Once your sync is finished, view the Sync History to verify that your sync was successful.