Superior product for small business. Comprehensive tracking of work flow. Easy to follow. Great for scheduling. Customer portals are super.

– Scott Bardsley, Owner, St Pete PSI

Very easy to use. Integrates easily with QuickBooks. I like that it is mobile. I also like the new feature with the address input. The service team is always quick to respond.

– Jennifer Veitch, Office Manager, Miracle Method of the Golden Triangle

Love the scheduling. The program is very good and mostly does what I need it too.

– Robert Bishop, Owner/Operator, Bishop Plumbing

We've used this Kickserv for years! It's a good, solid program that is continually being upgraded. Let's us keep all customer data in one place. Syncs with our bookkeeping program. Internet based lets us work from anywhere. Good value for the $$$. Good set of features. Great customer service.

– Phyllis Clark-Kirkman, CFO, Gringo Dave’s, Inc.

Very very very Professional! The Sync functions with google calendar, text messages, email reminders, maps and auto populate functions inside the app. Syncs with quickbooks and credit card processing, makes things very simple.

– Joseph Phillips, Owner, Sun Squeegee

Overall it was user friendly. The sync with quickbooks was satisfactory and very useful. Customer reports average to good.

– John Lightner, Owner, Dr. John’s Lawn Prescription, LLC

Kickserv has helped us manage our schedule since the beginning. A valuable resource for business. It's only gotten better since services sidekick. The speed and ease of use has been unparalleled with other scheduling software. You can really jump in and start using this program right away, without using tutorials.

– Chelsea Vinesen, Owner, Friendly Giant

I love that I can keep all my clients and everything in one place. Customer service is awesome to deal with.

– Terri Horen, Co-owner/ Office manager, Mesa Bathtubs

Best kept secret. Reasonably priced. Does everything a small service-based business needs for CRM. Web interface is simple and easy to understand.

– Richard Zdanis, President/Owner, Father and Son Companies, LLC

Your app is great, help us for quote, schedule, invoice, and get payment faster.

– Nicu Isa, Representative, Isa Serv

Love this program. Makes it easy to keep track of my jobs and customers. Billing and collection of work is very easy through the program.

– Steven Daigle, President, Dragons Electric

Facilitates the work. What I like the most about Kickserv is its user friendly features. Its great to have for a business purposes.

– Edwin Clermont, Owner, Push To Shove Inc.

As a small business it works great. Reports are pretty user friendly and makes it easier to track time on jobs for payroll. Being able to see location of jobs for technicians

– Tara Pardue, Co-Owner, Pardue plumbing

All my customer info stored in one place and the ability to access your invoicing from anywhere, and the ability to write estimates and invoices on the go.

– Sal Barone, President, Barone Construction, Inc.

Pretty Pleasant. Keeps all of my office and field workers on the same page. Love that it can also sync to my QB Desktop software.

– Jason Forbush, Manager, Timber Ridge Tree Care

The ease of use is the best part about Kickserv. You can have your team up and running quickly and easily.

– Scott French, Operations, Right Now Mobility

User Friendly. Great Software, I hope you guys keep improving

– Jaime Carrillo, Cost Estimator, Accent Inc.

I love this software and would be lost without it! It is super easy to use and covers all of my day-to-day operating needs. The scheduling is easy and the customer database is quickly searchable and tracks everything.

– Kari Peters, Vice President, Liberty Fence & Deck Co.

We have been using this software for years- before it was "Kickserv" and truly love it. We like the syncing capabilities, customization options, reports, and task/reminder functions. This app was truly created with the intention of giving you peace of mind that you've never forgotten something. It makes us feel truly organized and gives us the ability to keep our processes working smoothly.

– Mary Selembo, Executive Assistant/Admin/Office Manager, Residential Environmental Services of America (RESA)

The software is very organized, easy to navigate through, I like that there's more than one way to search for something. I think the Dispatch View is an amazing concept! I am in the service industry and have technicians that I send all over S. OC, having a map right there and not having to switch back and forth with google maps would be wonderful! I really hope they will be able to fully incorporate it into the software. The texting concept is another wonderful idea I recently saw added. A lot of my customers ask for texts because their at work and in meetings etc, so to have this feature fully functional would be another efficient bonus!

– Ambyr E, Internal Operations Coordinator, Entry Systems

Simple to use, one program for everything... integrates well with Quickbooks... easy to navigate through program.

– Fran Volpe, Owner, Comfort Generation

I like that I can get customer support when I need it. Once you learn how to use it, it's very easy to use and the estimates and invoices look very professional.

– Lori Thompson, Owner, Seal Team One Northwest

Easy to use and can plan the day the week or the year out with this software. Can easily email an invoice to a customer and get paid online by the customer. We can see where our technicians are and can keep extensive notes on a project for future visits.

– Lora Crow, Office Manager, Action Rooter Sewer and Drain LLC

This software is powerful and keeps me organized. I love that you can do many things with this software, but my favorite is that it keeps in contact with my customer sending out emails the day before I arrive and again on the day of my appointment. Amazing, it has cut down the to almost 0 of customers missing our appointment. My last business I used just an accounting program and had to hire 2 office personnel to run the back end of my business. With this program, I can do my back end with the help of my bookkeeper. I authorized my bookkeeper as admin personnel and from his office he keeps me organized with my quarterly's and end year.

– Gerald Davis, Manager, Superior Co-Op HVAC

It's working great for our scheduling needs. Ease of use, and user friendly for all that access this. Our technicians can update jobs while out on the road. Offers better scheduling organization and communication with our staff.

– Dawn Miller, Administrative Assistant, TAVCO Services, Inc.

I like the price point, I like that there is relatively little down time, and I like some of the features the software has.

– Stephen Wines, Owner, Palm Auto LLC

Overall very happy with the system and continue to be impressed with all the changes. Everything in one place and easy to view open quotes and current jobs. It's internet based so I'm able to get it on my phone when out of office. I use my tablet and phone from home and this is very important to me.

– Matt Malacos, Vice President & General Manager, Miami Industrial Trucks

I like the ability to link photos to the jobs. Seeing where all the jobs are on a map is nice. Being able to send a nice invoice to the customers and track it has been great.
Also, the link to stripe for the customer has also been very helpful. It is the best we've used so far. But can be improved. The tweaks look to be minor to make it a much better product.

– Brian Kangas, Manager, Lift Tech Garages

Very user friendly. What stood out to me the most was I was able to notify my customers with a text message upon my arrival and I'm able to manage my customers accounts.

– McVincent Strothers, Owner, In House Moving Company LLC

We do love Kickserv. It is easy to use, especially online and its very functional for us to see read emails, reports, along with history.

– Brian Brown, Owner, Joseph’s Coat Painting

I love how easy it is as admin to add users, customize certain fields and see who has what on their calendar, emailing invoices to customers from the software, integration with QB. The benefits are countless and far outweigh the features that we still don't have. What I love is that Kickserv is constantly adding new features and increasing the software's functionality.

– Amilly Alvarez, Consultant, Optamiss

First off I am loving there product. So easy to use... it just flows. I had a great opportunity to meet a few of the Kickserv guys face to face at a trade show. They were so helpful and really wanted to know what I thought of Kickserv. I fully believe in Kickserv and tell everyone know that runs a service business about these guys. hands down they are the front runner in the race.

– Ben Smith, Owner, Marvel Sewer and Drain

Kickserv has allowed us to organize scheduling and increase efficiency. The ability to instantly share information on multiple platforms has been invaluable. Support has always been very responsive when we have questions. Overall, we are very satisfied with the product.

– Roberto, ECP Commercial

I received a call from Josh who helped me with a question I had about Kickserv. It was so nice to speak to a live customer care rep instead of corresponding by email. He was friendly and helpful. I really appreciate the time he took to assist me. I highly recommend Kickserv to other business owners.

– Lisa S., Office Manager, J Worden & Sons Paving

Your support has been excellent. No hold times, courteous employees, knowledgeable, Keep up the good work!!

– Joseph Picariello, Owner, A&K Empire Electric

We have grown our computer repair business from 1 to 3 technicians in the last 5 years. Couldn't have managed the growth without KickServ keeping everyone on the same page. Just finished our biggest year ever.
Features that we didn't even know we needed, keep being added by the fabulous software developers. Love the new Opportunities. While on a job, one of the techs added a followup opportunity for the same customer, that probably would have slipped thru the cracks in the past.
When we rarely need help with something, Support is very responsive. Usually just need to show us how to do something that they covered in their extensive training videos.

– James, Vienna Tech Help

Kickserv is really good. Other options don't really cater to a service company, or if they do, they place a large focus on sales. Although Kickserv does handle sales just fine. My main reason for giving them 5 stars is because they have very quick response times for support, and because they keep adding to their system, becoming more flexible, providing more value, and thinking of new ways to do things.

– Leon, A Plus Computer Tech

When I first searched for CRM’s for my service business, I wanted one that synced with my accounting software. There were several, but Kickserv was the best fit. Over the past several years, Kickserv has continued to improve upon what was…and still is….the most comprehensive, easy to use system. They don’t stop at continuing to improve their software. We use it for scheduling, dispatching, time keeping, reminders/alerts, and reporting. Recently, they even upgraded our account… of additional charges! If I had suggestions for improvement, I’d want to see more online webinars to help users do more with all of the features kickserv has to offer. DEFINITELY the best software I’ve seen in 26 years of being in the service business.

– Richard Zdanis, Owner, Father and Son Companies

I own an Appliance Repair Business in the Sacramento Area, and we use this software for scheduling out our service calls and having the technicians manage the jobs out in the field. All i have to say is this software is awesome. We have gone through 3 other software providers in the past 5 years and just none of it compares to Kickserv. They have so many options as well as a client portal which has great features! Their tech support is on top of things and help you get your problems solved fast! Thank you!

– Nicholas Shearer, Chief Operating Officer, Placer Appliance

I've used service sidekick for a few years and LOVE it so, when my boss wanted me to nail down a program for our other company, this was my top choice. I am just beginning to see all of the new features added and can't wait to move forward with this software!

– Mary Margaret Selembo, Office Manager, AmPlan

I am a small business owner with lofty aspirations. When we started our new brand, our Field Services Software was a HUGE priority. We have tried, tested, and purchased half a dozen of the other field services software applications listed on capterra. I became SO discouraged that when I came around to Kickserv I was looking for the software that, to be frank, sucked the least.

I have found THE BEST software and application available AT ANY PRICE (and theirs is nominal by comparison). Their Quickbooks integration, customer portals, and CRM rivals what three other programs were doing half as well. Kickserv is all I have been looking for and more. We needed a partner who would forge into the future with us to provide customer service to my Day 1 technician out in the field but possess the infrastructure to accommodate our ever-growing line of services and products as we take over the market and go national. I cannot say enough about them!!

– Christian Jessop, Owner , Green Options & Treatment

Easy to use but but powerful. Covers all areas of our business operations. We were using spreadsheets and separate processes but Kickserv puts all these into one for an affordable cost. Saving us loads of time and money. I would definitely recommend this to any business looking to automate most part of their operations. We are a removals business based in the United Kingdom and Kickserv work just fine for us. Thanks to Josh Anderson who guided us through signing up and implementation without a rush or pushy sales tactics.

– Misheck Mupachike, Director, I&M Gamba Removals

Hats off to the Kickserv customer support team! Excellent response time to issues and the solution. Its been that way for the five years I've been using their software.

– Ralph Freeman , Sales Manager, Smooth Move

We have been using kickserv for a few years now. Our experience has been wonderful. The tech staff is friendly and quick to respond. Anything we have needed, kickserv provides. They are always updating and making their program better. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants their business to have larger profit margins and happier customers.

– Blaize Mason, Owner, Two Glass Gents

I have been using Kickserv for about 6 mos. It has been a very good experience from ease of use, customer service and most importantly the price is affordable. I have used another company and by far this is the best program. Not to mention the trial period to decide if was right for my company before I invested into the service.

– Micalyn Raterman, Owner, Custom Cleaning

Before I discovered kickserv i was struggling to manage my jobs having piles of paperwork all over the place relating to work I had to carry out. I must admit I'm quite tight when it comes to spending out on software yet kickserv has been a sound investment for me. Not only did it eliminate all that paperwork but it has meant i spend less time in the office and more time out making money completing jobs.
My apprentice also picked up the easy user friendly interface and logs the majority of my jobs.
Overall its a fantastic product.

– Chris Burton, Elite Gas and Plumbing

Kickserv has been a great program for us and was super easy to jump in and start using. It is quick and responsive, the little options like linking to mapping and the easy calendar editing make my life much easier. All around, it is a great program and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

– Kari Peters, Owner, Liberty Fence & Deck Co.

I have a small service business and tried quite a few field service management systems before deciding on kickserv. It provides a great value for any field service business, has the majority of features I was looking for and most importantly, my technicians find it very easy to use so getting them to complete their work orders isn't a problem. Also, I frequently receive notifications from kickserv about new features being added and updates being made to the system so I know they are actively working to make kickserv better and better. I would recommend kickserv to anyone looking for a solution to their field service management business.

– Adam Steele, Owner, Network Tech Group, LLC

We love using Kickserv for our business! I don't have anything bad to say about it. It's easy to use, has great functions and is very affordable. It took all of the manual processes we were doing away and replaced them with a very efficient way of keeping up with labor hours, billing, jobs, etc. The only con is that I wish under logging labor hours, it was set up to where you clicked time in and time outs and it calculated the hours for you. Other than that, it's a great system and I would recommend to anyone in this type of business!

– Brandy Landon, Manager, JJ Classic Parts & Service

I have been in the service business for the past 30 years and have dealt with many different service programs. I found Kickserv to be exactly what my new business venture needed from ease of use through the financial relief of not having to put in a full network. My records are stored in the cloud and the best part was it synced with Quickbooks immediately. I absolutely love it and would recommend to a small start up to a Fortune 500!!!!

– Frank White, IDK Cooling Corporation

I highly recommend Kickserv to any service industry. The Sales, Support and Customer Services has been beyond comparison. I just got a call yesterday from another company that i had been on trial with and they were now willing to lower their price. I said too bad I already signed up with Kirckserv! I still get a call every week or so from Alex just to check on me and see if I needed any help.

– David Liss, CEO, Missouri Kitchen Pros

Overall Kick Serv is a great program, it does everything you would ever need for a business. It is very self explanatory and easy to learn, and if you have any trouble understanding customer service is of a great help. We highly recommend this program to anyone that would like to make work easier for their employees.

– Courtney Scheetz , Admin, Miracle Method of Washington DC

Kickserv has made my life and the running of my business so easy and stress free! After using a different company, I switched to Kickserv on the basis of having everything I need from scheduling, invoicing, tracking and many other things all in one place. And I was not disappointed. The customer service is outstanding. Any time I have a question or need help in the process of learning to use the system (which is very easy to use I might add) I am immediately helped. It is nice to have someone that cares. Highly recommended!

– Erica Price, SoFlo Wildlife

I began my search recently for software to run a plumbing business. So glad I found Kickserv! I tested a few other field service apps and had it narrowed down to mHelpDesk and Kickserv. Kickserv's workflow for creating leads to estimates, jobs and invoices is seamless and just makes sense. I also love that clients can view estimates and invoices from their browser and I can see whether they have been viewed by the customer. Clients can also accept and sign estimates from their browser, which are then automatically converted to jobs/work orders. These are all key features for me that were missing in mHelpDesk. Kickserv offers many other great features with some pretty welcome and useful enhancements coming soon. Beyond the software their customer service is superb! Josh and Alex are quick to answer my emails and have provided great assistance with the few issues I've had. We are still on the trial, but as far as I am concerned we are already Kickserv customers, as we will be investing in their services! Our business is pretty excited about growing with Kickserv and we really look forward to becoming more professional, efficient and profitable with Kickserv!

– Kiya, Valor Plumbing

I used it in my previous company and now i will be using it with my own companypros- overall very easy to use, my technicians love it, clients love the easy of acquiring invoices.

– Joffrey Orquia, Owner, Seven Mechanical Services

Kickserv has been a great way to keep track of my customers and upcoming jobs. It is easy to sync with QuickBooks for billing and all of the material that I bill for. Their customer service has always been great.

– Trevor Varcoe, Complete Irrigation Services LLC

We have a lot of different services and products at our business, we design logos, print just about anything on paper, make signs, build websites, and wrap cars in vinyl. We tried many different options for organizing ourselves before, ranging from digital pdfs as work orders, to filled out countless paper forms, and it made our business a disorganized mess! We've been trying to find a program that will allow us to track the many moving parts of our business in one central location, so that no matter where our employees are or what stage of production they're in, they can access the work order. This software has fixed all the problems we were having with workflow, employee communications, central address book of clients, keeping track of sales opportunities, and even helped tremendously with estimating jobs and streamlining pricing. We've recommended it to our own clients and friends, and several of them have started using it as well with fantastic results. It's a great deal and saves us SO MUCH time and energy, I can't recommend it highly enough!

– Christa Harden- Graphic Designer, Battle Ground Printing

My entire business runs on it , its easy to use and the customer service is great. I've never had any technical issues or lag with this program. 5 Stars!!

– David Miranda, CamTechPros

Kickserv has allowed us to be more efficient and manage our workflow from anywhere on the go. They have excellent customer service that we have found to be responsive and personal. I would recommend Kickserv to anyone looking for a cost effective and well designed customer management system.

– Mike Waite, President/Owner, Waite Plumbing

Prior we were using a customer service program that made a lot of claims that were not true. We found Kickserv and it has lived up to everything it has claimed. It is reliable, we never lose data, syncing with QuickBooks has been accurate and seamless, and we are finally managing our customer jobs for the first time. I really love the interfacing of the software. It is easy to follow work from a potential sale to an estimate to a job and finally invoicing the customer. The customer service has been quick to respond to any questions I have had. I would really recommend you get the Boot Camp to best learn to use the program and get all your questions answered and ease the set up process. Kickserv also is very good about looking at improvements and moving the software program to more improved abilities. I can't wait for our company to grow with this program and company.

– Jodi Gerard, Office Manager, Northern Focus Optical

Kickserv is the best business scheduling software! We are a midsize service company with over 10 service technicians. Kickserv has made is easy to schedule appointments and is user friendly. The ability to be mobile on tablets with real time between the office and the field is awesome. We have used several different scheduling programs and Kickserv offers the easiest, fastest, and most updated program on the market.

– Chad Murray, CEO, Master Services Inc.

Kickserv is our scheduling Software of choice for our HVAC Business. We've been using Kickserv for the past few years. We have been very please with it. It's very easy to navigate, it allows you to modify reports and fields, which you can personalize it to your business. Since the software is Web based, our technicians can check their schedule in the field, add information to there jobs, and collect payment.
We've looked at other softwares, but we feel that Kickserv gives us exactly what we need.

– Sandy Lamarre, President, R & S Mechanical

There should be six stars for Kickserv out of five! I'm 66 and we're updating our family business and learning new technology. Kickserv is the easiest and best software I've dealt with in the past year. The product is easy to understand and the directions are clear and written in everyday language for us non-techies. The support team is phenomenal. You ask a question and you get a live person answering within a short space of time. We looked at a dozen or so scheduling software programs before settling on this one and I'm so glad we did. I can update the Opportunities as they come in and the staff on the road can look at their tablets and schedule themselves. We can all see the calendar at the same time. It integrates smoothly with QuickBooks. My office workload has been reduced considerably. No more hand entering data from paper invoices. We're saving trees! I love it.

– Beverly Fuller , Office Manager, Jon R. Fuller Locksmith

Customer Service is very responsive! I have been using this software for a little over a month now and it is very easy to use and navigate. I also have the QuickBooks sync and it is beautiful. I've had to make adjustments in QuickBooks and the communication with Kickserv has worked great. I would recommend this software for it's ease of use and functionality.

– Phillip Eastwood, President, Tipping Hat Plumbing, Heating & Electric

How do I love Kickserv? Let me count the ways... Quick, easy to use format: check. User friendly operating: check. Excellent Customer Service and speedy responses to questions: double check! Our scheduling and client data would be a nightmare without Kickserv keeping us organized!

Kickserv has been a life saver on the service and repair side of things. We can seamlessly create, schedule and invoice jobs in KickServ and send them right over to Quickbooks to be billed out.

– Sarah Cupo, Desert Foothills Pool Service Inc.

Kickserv has been instrumental in streamlining our office. It syncs to Quickbooks seamlessly and saves a lot of double entry. We highly recommend Kickserv.

– Brian Spegal, Spegal Plumbing, LLC

Excellent support and customer service. Kickserv has been responsive to our needs by offering a superior value in a niche dominated by overpriced inflexible solutions.

– Matt Walston, Air Control Systems

It has been a great backup for the field technicians when there is no one available in the office to support research on past work completed.

– Debra McCaughey, American Freedom Heating & Air, LLC

After trying other options we finally found Kickserv! They are the best with a staff that is always on the cutting edge and customer service that will blow your mind! You're making the right choice!

– Craig Boyle, Boyle’s Aluminum and Screening

Kickserv is the best scheduling software. The guys who work there are top notch and very helpful. We use it with quick books online so we are cloud based and safe from our computers crashing.

– Casey Boden, Boden Plumbing

Kickserv has been able to help us stay organized with our man power and the jobs they run. Are construction side is more organized with there time and equipment they need for that job that day.

– Paul Calcagno, Calaway Plumbing & Heating Inc

We use outside accounting service - Kickserv keeps track of svs techs and provide documentation for the invoicing to be completed in a timely. KickServ system is a vital part of our company.

– Dottie Rogers, Ironwood Plumbing, Inc.

For our carpet cleaning business we feel that Kickserv gives us exactly what we need. Using Kickserv software for about a year and we love it, easy mobile access for scheduling, billing and more...

– Alex Mikhaylevskiy, Alex’s Carpet Cleaning

From our client info to our daily delivery schedule to tracking sales info and daily billing, Kickserv provides Sure Load Moving with the ultimate tool that has made us the #1 Movers in SC!!!

– Ralph Freeman, Sure Load Moving

Customer since 2010. Very stable software that does what it says it will do. Excellent scheduling features and outstanding customer support. Very responsive to improvements and changing technology.

– Kendall Hirschfeld, West Texas Fire Extinguisher Inc

Sidekick now Kickserv has been a key part of growing our business into the raging growth machine that it has become. Kickserv is rapidly integrating additional features that will put us over the top.

Best small business tool to have.

Kickserv has helped us to grow our business over 15% every year since we started using it 5 years ago. And manages almost every aspect of our operation, while keeping our sanity when busy!

We run EVERYTHING with Kickserv. It's been one of the best ways we have found to kick out competition's butts! Gave us a leg up in our industry.

Kickserv has been amazing! Its great for scheduling, and maintaining our operations efficiently; estimates, work, and invoices. Its easy to use even for our guys in the field.

Kickserv is fantastic for our small, growing company. Support is always at hand and prompt to reply. Features constantly are added to an already excellent product! Thank you Kickserv!!

At first I was skeptical of Kickserv. Within a few days I realized this is exactly what we've been looking for. My advice to anyone who isn't sure is to try it. I promise you will love it.

This calendar has helped arrange appointments as well as knowing when and where our installers need to be to take care of our customers. This has been one of the most helpful tools our company has.

Kickserv makes our day to day business much more efficient. We love the fact that we have a all inclusive solution to our scheduling, billing, and customer database needs.

– Thomas Moss, Phoenix Irrigation Services

With kickserv, I was able to create consistency in my weekly business schedule through the softwares scheduling capabilities.

– Eduardo Rangel, Rangel & Associates Landscaping

Kickserv has made my job much easier. It is very customizable and we have customized it to suit our needs, and it meets those needs quite well. I can't imagine trying to do my job without it.

– Matthew Wiles, Pearl Computer Services

Your software was there to help our business all the way through. There site has been helpful and appreciated since the day we started using there services. Thanks kickserv!

– Andrea Brown, Royal Services

We've been using Kickserv for nearly 5 years now and we love it. Having worked with several other CRM softwares we found Kickserv to fit our needs perfectly.

– Jake Scheiterlein, Sodium Dental

Very helpful receiving updates on my leads, I LOVE IT :D

– Ridhwan Chowdhury, Simply Green

Scheduling & updating is easy. Attaching pictures & estimates to a job. Syncing with QuickBooks saves time. Google map feature is useful. I like creating custom reports & the search fixture is great.

– Amy Bagwell, Miracle Method of Utah

Kickserv has helped coordinate our customer data efficiently. Notes are easily accessed allowing for us to better serve our customers.

– Ezra Drissman, Oakwood Veneer

Kick Serve has become the backbone of our company. We enter all potential customers, we schedule all jobs, and best of all it synchs with QB, eliminating double entry and saving us time and effort.

– Amilly Coleman, Florida TEC

Kickserv has helped Handyman Xtreme become more efficient and streamlined.

– Dee Hanke, Handyman Xtreme

Kickserv has been great for us. It keeps all our customer history and makes it easy to find. The Quickbooks sync is easy to use. Gives us great professional looking estimates. Very pleased.

– Brian Porch, Norman Heating & Air Conditioning

SSK has been instrumental in keeping our company organized through dispatching. We are able to stay on time to serve our customers, and communicate with our technicians via texting calls to them.

– Lisa Carter, Carter’s My Plumber

Kickserv is the best software We have used after months of trying different field service management software Kickserv is by far the best investment we have made. From pricing to support 5 Stars Guys

– Steven Welser, CAMTECHPROS, LLC

This program has totally organized our communication with all of our leaders. In a snap we can access all information on customers and future leads. We love it

– Jim Warford, CWD Remodel & Windows

We've been using Service Sidekick (Kickserv) for the last three years with great success. Scheduling our customers for recurring service is easier than ever. Integration with Quickbooks is a bonus.

– F Post, Eastern Fire Suppression, LLC

Kickserv has played a huge roll in the success of my new business. It was easily customizable to fit my specific needs. The price is right, it is easy to use and the site has been very reliable.

– Chris Cherney, JunkMan

Kickserv has been like a dream compared to all of the other programs we had tested before. The very user friendly format is great for the field workers.

– Heather Schmidt, Turn Key Home Repair & Remodeling

I don't know how my business functioned before this program. It is like having extra office staff all in one program. I have recommended it to numerous other people and companies.

– David Bancroft, Hanalei Handyman

This software has helped us run reports and keep track of our employee production better than any other software we have tried. Thank you.

– Jennifer Hartley, Miracle Method of Bucks County, Inc.

Our plumbing company loves Kickserv!! We depend on it not only to dispatch our plumbers, but is a quick reference for jobs we have had in the past. So glad we found you!

– Kevin, Royal Flush Plumbing

We have tried quite a few programs, and Kickserv is so much better than the others. Well thought out and easy to maneuver, this program helps our business so much. They have great customer service, consistent service, and are constantly adding new features.

– Patty, API Plumbing Services

I love the software and enjoy utilizing it on a daily basis. This software has allowed our company to grow and become more organized. We love the design, look and ease of use.

– Scott, Summa & Tony’s Air Conditioning and Heating

Kickserv has really helped our business with efficiency. The email support is really great. The best thing about Kickserv is they are always working to update their software giving us the latest, up to date technology and functionality.

– Ryan, Entry Systems
Customer since 2009

We were not only happy with the scheduling features but when we found out that it had QuickBooks integration it was a real bonus. We liked the work orders for the techs as it had all the information they needed as well.

Terry, Miracle Method of St. Louis

As a mobile RV repair service, billing immediately and quickbooks integration is paramount. Kickserv fills that requirement well...

– Eric, Turbo Mobile RV Service

Kickserv has been great, their customer service is top notch. It helps us to manage our field team and projects in a far more streamlined and effective manner.

– Stephanie, SAGE Energy

I could not be more excited to be using Kickserv! The customer service provided by them is unparalleled!!! Worth every penny spent.

– Ashley, AllWest Hood & Fire Services
Customer since 2009

“The People” or Customer Service and integration with QuickBooks online allowing safe access to our data from multiple locations in a cost effective manner.

Bill, Generation 3 Electric

As we have grown with Kickserv their amazingly fast and quality support has been one of the best vendor experiences we have had. They are responsive and professional always willing and ready to go the extra mile. We rely on them to run our business efficiently.

– Michael, Glutz Photography
Customer since 2010

“...I shopped other options for our business but determined that Kickserv had a fair monthly price and they genuinely care about their customers... as well as systematically understand the growing pains of a service business.”

Julianne, Evergreen Window Cleaning

Through Kickserv we are now able to keep a more accurate up to date job history for all of our customers. Kickserv's support team is also very helpful in answering questions and working with you to resolve your problems. Overall we are very satisfied with the program.

– Bonnie, Islamorada Elevator
Customer since 2009

Kickserv was the most reasonable front­‐end cost. I would have had to spend over $2000 to get set up and on top of that everything else to choose from was too technical.

Justin, Daffy Ducts

I have never written to thank a service provider company in my life. The attention to detail and responsiveness the Kickserv Team has given my company is second to none. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me.

– Johnny, Red Lab Digital

I probably recommend Kickserv to someone once a week. I've shopped and used other solutions and Kickservk blows them away in performance, features, price, support - across the board. I even recommend it to people who don't need to track resources because it's so flexible, you can use it as a CRM.

– Kris, Brilliant Services
Customer since 2007

I really liked how easy it was to import all my data into Kickserv from QuickBooks. The simplicity of the tools offered by Kickserv and the varied ways to access the same customer and job data continued to excite the team at Anchor Tree.

Erica, Anchor Tree Service

I feel like i have a much better grasp on my schedule than ever before. I can access the calender in the morning at my desk. Then on my Android or ipad while I'm in my truck or elsewhere.

– Nick Williams, Marathon Electric

Kickserv helps us manage the details so that we can focus on providing excellent customer service and running our business. If you own a service based business and want to make your life easier then give it a try!

– Stephanie, Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

We cannot imagine working without the software. Mobile site runs great on Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile. Quickbooks and Kickserv sync is fantastic. GCS highly recommends Kickserv and we thank them for creating a product that is not only affordable but very functional.

– Steve, Galveston Computer Solutions

Moving to Kickserv has been a great decision. It has saved us a ton of time and headache. Todd and his support team are very very responsive and have added lots of new features and continue to add more. We are now completely paperless with all of our field techs using tablets in the field. Thanks Kickserv!!

– Nate, Peninsula Irrigation

I've been using kickserv for 5+ years now. I've had a great relationship with Todd and team since then. Even though I don't have a huge account with them, they have always treated me like I was their only customer.

– Matthew, Fix My Tech

We've been using Kickserv for the past few years. We have been very please with it. It's very easy to navigate, it allows you to modify reports and fields, which you can personalize for your business. We've looked at other software, but we feel that Kickserv gives us exactly what we need.

– Sandy, R&S Mechanical

Been using the software for several years and the support from the kickserv team has been outstanding. Highly recommended.

– Justin, American Irrigation Repair

Our guys easily navigate the system to figure out their schedule for the day, and client needs. We've been with KickServ for over 3 years and have been very satisfied with the product and their service.

– Pierce, JKA Well Drilling

Great product, and the support is wonderful!!

– Kelli, Beck’s Plumbing

Whenever I have a question, suggestion or a concern it is always addressed quickly.

– Karen, Anytown Tree Service

We have used several different scheduling programs and Kickserv offers the easiest, fastest, and most updated program on the market.

– Chad, Masters Services

We love Kickserv. We were up and using it in a matter of hours! I recommend it to any small to mid-size service business.

– Bernd, One Solution

Kickserv is THE solution to help you manage your business. It is truly GREAT software – clean, fast useful.

– Cathy, Clean X-press

I have to say that Kickserv is very user friendly and helps with the productivity of our company. A must have for the small fast growing service company.

– Paula, Alexander’s Plumbing

It has been so nice accessing, editing and creating jobs on my calender from any mobile device. This software has no doubt made my business more efficient.

– Brad, Bailey Boys Services

I would recommend Kickserv to any business looking for a cost effective way to manage the flow of their work and to always have the information they need at their fingertips! Kickserv is the way to go!

– Yvonne, Computer Community Hospital

The software is customizable enough to let us use it the way that works best for us. I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for great scheduling/dispatching/what ever you need software.

– Casey, Boden Plumbing

Our technicians are more productive and more organized thanks to Kickserv. No more rifling through the file cabinets - it's all in one place. Kickserv has changed the way we do business.

– Regina, Louisiana Air Systems

Kickserv has been easy to implement, easy to manage, easy to train the techs to use, easy to access and all followed up with great service from their support staff.

– Alister, Blunts Electrical Solutions

Prior to Kickserv our organization was in a mild case of chaos.
Kickserv was the answer to our prayers

– Rob Dobkins, New Pipes Inc.