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Tree Services • Naples, Florida

Anchor Tree Service is a small, privately owned tree care business focusing on trimming, removal, stump grinding, and palm installation services in Naples, Florida.

Business Challenges

Founded in 1999, the business operated using QuickBooks for accounting and paper for estimating and invoicing. New customer calls were often taken in the field and important customer and job information was scribbled down on the nearest scrap of paper. Transcribing these hurried notes into real estimates and invoices every night took an enormous amount of time and energy. When the new owner, Erica Williams, purchased the company in October 2007, she knew things had to change. “The old system of paper was a mess and resulted in late nights and loss of important customer information.” At first Anchor Tree tried using a combination of email and Microsoft Excel to streamline their estimating workflow but this was time-consuming and error-prone because the information still had to be double-entered into QuickBooks for final invoicing and accounting. One day a customer called in and asked about an invoice he never received. After realizing a $2000 job had almost fallen through the cracks, the decision was immediately made to find a better system.

Our estimator in the field loves the mobile site… he walks around the backyard with a customer and they say, I want a plant here… and he adds it to the estimate right there on via mobile phone… after the walkthrough he shows them the estimate total and explains that a full estimate will be emailed to them… customers love this professionalism.


Business Benefits

From office employees to techs in the field, moving Anchor Tree Service onto Kickserv has increased the productivity of the entire team. Finally, some benefits are hard to quantify. Besides the great time­-savings we enjoy, we love the professionalism that Kickserv gives our company and our customers do too.

How did you find Kickserv?

A firm believer in harnessing the power of the web and needing a QuickBooks­‐ compatible solution, Erica started searching on the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace. Noticing that Kickserv software was web­‐based and offered a free trial, she decided to take it for a spin. Erica was immediately impressed.

Why did you choose Kickserv?

I really liked how easy it was to import all my data into Kickserv from QuickBooks. The simplicity of the tools offered by Kickserv and the varied ways to access the same customer and job data continued to excite the team at Anchor Tree.

How many hours does Kickserv save you each day?

Kickserv saves us 1­‐2 hours a day.

What is your favorite Kickserv feature?

The QuickBooks integration... there is no double-work...I just click sync, the invoice appears in QuickBooks and I email it straight off to the customer. ServiceSidekick eliminates the room for error because everything is entered once in the computer.


 Running  a  fast  growing  business  while  estimating  on  paper  required  an  enormous  amount  of  time  and  was  very  error­‐prone.


  • Kickserv
  • Quickbooks


  • 1­‐2  HOURS  per  day  time  savings
  • Eliminated  double  entry
  • Increased  Customer  Satisfaction
  • Increased  Employee  and  Field  Technician  productivity
  • Increased  Professionalism