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Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning • Atlanta, Georgia

Daffy  Ducts  is  a  duct  and  dryer  vent  cleaning  service  founded  in  2007.    They  service  the  Atlanta  Area  currently  with  3  employees. The  company  is  looking  to  expand  their  successful  model  into  other  territories  and  of  course  continue  their  growth in  the  Atlanta  Area.  Daffy  Ducts  was  recently  recognized  Best  of  Gwinnett  2009  as  well  as  Better  Business  Bureau  2010  Torch  Award  Nominee.

Business Challenges

The  first  challenge  was  reducing  time  spent  with  scheduling,  as  it  was  impossible  to  do  from  QuickBooks.  Secondly,  I  needed  easy  access  to  a  system  by  my  techs  to  reduce  office  work.    Finally,  I  needed  a  way  to  manage  my  customer  base  information  for  marketing  campaigns,  etc.

This has been a critical time saver.

Kickserv  solved  A  TON  of  problems  for  me.    It  handled  my  job  scheduling  dilemmas  while  at  the  same  time  not adding  extra  work  with  double  entry  over  to  QuickBooks.

The  payment  processing  has  been  great  for  my  techs  to  collect  payments  as  they  deposit  and  process them  in Kickserv  for  me.  This  removes  double  entry,  all  I  do  is  approve  it  and  sync  to  QuickBooks.

The  custom  reporting  in  Kickserv  has  been  limitless  in  providing  insight  into  our  customer  buying  patterns, determining  who  our  target  customer  is,  average  house  size  etc…  which  helps  for  marketing  to  target  customer.


Business Benefits

Daffy Ducts was looking for what every business works toward-- increasing their efficiency, organization, and productivity. Choosing Kickserv meant finding a partner and tool for their business that met and continues to exceed their goals to improve their organization in order to expand and service more customers.

How did you find Kickserv?

I found you at the Intuit partner site when looking for a CRM. (Customer Relationship Management)

Why did you choose Kickserv?

Kickserv was the most reasonable front­‐end cost. I would have had to spend over $2000 to get set up and on top of that everything else to choose from was too technical.

How many hours does Kickserv save you each day?

In a day I would say at least 3 hours of work.

Did it take long to learn Kickserv? How was training?

NOT AT ALL, it was simple and easy.

What is your favorite Kickserv feature?

Kickserv just keeps adding more and more that makes everything easier and easier.


  • Scheduling  Jobs
  • Tech  access  to  system
  • Way  to  manage  customer  base  and  marketing  campaigns


  • KIckserv
  • Quickbooks


  • Scheduling  dilemma  fixed  without  adding  extra  work
  • Techs  have  access  to  system  to  manage  their  jobs,  even  payment  processing
  • Custom  reporting  to  track  Marketing  Campaigns