Evergreen Window Cleaning

The current owners of Evergreen Window Cleaning have been in the business for 15 years and currently have 4 employees. They continue to grow and expand services to their customer base in Seattle and are looking to add another truck and a couple techs.


The challenges that Evergreen Window Cleaning were up against were problems that a service company encounters as their business grows or in their case as they purchased an existing business. Since the business is completely mobile, they found that they relied heavily on the system to assist them in keeping their customer information in one place easily accessed by all. Without ServiceSidekick they would not have been able to handle the 5 to 30 service calls per day, all hours of the day without hiring more help. “It would have been unorganized and time consuming.” Scheduling jobs was faster and easier.

“I found Kickserv to be people who genuinely care about their customer…they really listen to us and when we make a recommendation, they usually add that feature …
Kickserv has a sync to QuickBooks that I describe as FUN! It saves me an hour of bookkeeping per day.”


Evergreen Window Cleaning needed to handle the business that they purchased without a lot of expensive staff. The web­‐based access to customers lets everyone in this family owned operation do their part efficiently and assists them to stay organized. The custom reports have also enabled them to easily solicit more repeat business

How did you find Kickserv?

Referral from Past Owner

Why did you choose Kickserv?

“…I shopped other options for our business but determined that Kickserv had a fair monthly price and they genuinely care about their customers… as well as systematically understand the growing pains of a service business.”

How many hours does Kickserv save you each day?

“1 to 2 hours per day on scheduling alone… Bookkeeping, 1 hour per day.”

What is your favorite Kickserv feature?

The Quickbooks integration is fun but the custom reports has been invaluable in allowing us to easily contact repeat customers from same time last year or 2 years ago as well as when a tech has down time, we pull up repeat customers in that neighborhood instantly to solicit work for them.