Generation 3 Electric

Generation 3 Electric is a “new generation” electrical service contractor, founded in 2000, with currently 11 trucks. This 3rd generation contractor has doubled in size since joining the Kickserv team with 5 trucks and would like to continue this growth trend.


The challenges that Generation 3 Electric faced were to transition from long-hand paper management to a computerized system in order to have a customer database and remote or mobile access without too much investment.

“I found Kickserv online capabilities have made it easier to keep more people coordinated to grow the business…I was able to outsource marketing and bookkeeping vendors.
Kickserv is not stagnant, there is no waiting until the next release of the latest software version, they keep growing and devoloping features as we grow.”


Generation 3 Electric wanted to computerize their business in a “new generation” way by going with a web based application. They found Kickserv was able to be a tool that helped them double their business with more efficiency and organization. For example, their marketing vendor was able to use custom reporting to improve their customer retention and increase referrals.

How did you find Kickserv?


Why did you choose Kickserv?

“The People” or Customer Service and integration with QuickBooks online allowing safe access to our data from multiple locations in a cost effective manner.

How many hours does Kickserv save you each day?

2 Full Time Employees in the office. We used to track jobs and manpower long­‐hand and with google calendar.

Did it take long to learn Kickserv? How was training?

Training was about 1 hour but to be honest Kickserv was just intuitive and easy to use. It looks good, has a playful aspect and looks great compared to the old style software programs.

What is your favorite Kickserv feature?

The Online Capabilities of access from anywhere, any computer is their favorite feature as it has allowed them to outsource some of their needs for marketing and bookkeeping to keep up with their growing service business as well as access from home when they need it. Our employees like the notifications and access with their iphone.