Miracle Method of the Golden Triangle

Miracle Method of St. Louis Franchise is a father daughter team. They provide surface refinishing in kitchens and bathrooms. Check out this dynamic duo’s website, they have some amazing transformations without the mess.


The biggest challenge that Miracle Method had was simply doing everything on paper. After hiring the 2nd and 3rd tech it became obvious that they needed something in the office to help them keep up with the scheduling and follow up.

“Once I had 2 to 3 techs, I really needed something to schedule with, paper and pencil was just not working anymore. ServiceSidekick did that and enabled us to have better follow up, and when I found out here was QuickBooks Integration that was just a bonus.”


Miracle Method of St. Louis was looking for an application that could help them schedule their jobs, which they found with Kickserv. What they also found was a way to interact with their customers and bring them instant scheduling and invoicing right at the jobsite.

How did you find Kickserv?

Referral from Corporate Office

Why did you choose Kickserv?

We were not only happy with the scheduling features but when we found out that it had QuickBooks integration it was a real bonus. We liked the work orders for the techs as it had all the information they needed as well.

How many hours does Kickserv save you each day?

…about 3 hours per day.

Did it take long to learn Kickserv? How was training?

My daughter and office manager picked up on it right away… It has taken me a little longer but I can do almost everything too.

What is your favorite Kickserv feature?

I like to be in my customers home or jobsite, show them our pictures and color options from our website using the iPad then schedule the work and send them an invoice via email…all without assistance from the office.