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Saco Falls Management

Very intuitive and friendly software! I am a new employee and I have only been using Kickserv for about four weeks. It was a very intuitive and easy package to learn. Within about a week and a half, I was already to the next level on it. I am even scheduled to give a tutorial on the software to our janitorial staff in a few weeks! The software works well scheduling work orders for our techs and maintenance people and it has a lot of capacity to help on the administrative side of things too with the generation of various reports. I have found the employees at Kickserv to be very knowledgeable, professional and responsive when I have talked to them. They are also very receptive to recommendations I have made too concerning various sorting options. I highly recommend both the company and the software! Management

Full Span Construction

Very easy to learn! Kickserv is great software and it is very easy to learn! It can do everything you need specialized software to do. We highly recommend Kickserv! Management

Heroes Restoration, Inc.

It works for me! I don't have to call Kickserv very often, which is a good thing. We've had their software since November. Kickserv seems open to some programming changes I've recommended but overall, it's actually been a whole lot better for scheduling and dispatching than some others. We changed our software three times in nine months before finding Kickserv, so my expectations were low. There are a couple of workarounds that I use but overall Kickserv works for me. Management

Casco Landscaping

Very effective software! I have been very happy so far with the Kickserv software. It is the first dispatch software I have ever used. It is not exactly intuitive, but it is fairly easy to learn. I like how flexible it is and I like having the ability to merge my customers with other information and to keep the flow going. I highly recommend Kickserv! I think you will be happy with it! It is very effective software. Management

Z Plumberz

Kickserv has been fantastic. After searching around a lot, I chose them for my company. We've been using them for a few years. Their customer service is great and deserves five stars. I recommend Kickserv. Matt O'Rourke

All About Carts

We are a mobile golf cart service and have used Kickserv for more than fifteen years. Everything has always worked out well with them. I rate them five stars for customer service. Overall, I don't have any complaints. I recommend Kickserv. Management

Masters Services

“What's the difference between a $5 million company and a $10 million company? Culture."
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the Urban Foresters

The Resolution – automate it!
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Aqua Clear Engineering

“It is so easy now that they [techs] just have to mark the job complete from the site before they leave” Peter McKesson
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Father & Son Carpet Cleaning & Repair

QuickBooks is great for accounting but not rescheduling field crews Peter McKesson
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