Beautifully Simple Scheduling

Four unique calendar views with quick filters, tags, colors, drag-and-drop functionality with custom icons give make complex scheduling tasks wonderfully simple

The most advanced scheduling in the field

Our powerful calendars and scheduling features can help teams plan for even the most complex schedules. Seamlessly manage your business’s calendar with automated alerts, multiple calendar views, and built-in statuses, prioritizing jobs is just a click away.

Classic calendar with filtering

  • Assigning team members to projects: Deciding which employee gets which job just got easier! Assign multiple team members to an event and multiple events to any job to maintain a balanced and efficient workload across your employee base.
  • Notes and attachments: Make either internal notes for your employees, or public notes for your customer to see.
  • Job charges and costs: Quickly add completed jobs to your account and keep track of client charges, while tracking your expenses on the job to manage gross profits. Seamlessly integrate your data with QuickBooks™ to make job and payment tracking a snap. With the QuickBooks copy invoice template, you can complete multiple invoices in a short amount of time, dramatically improving back-office efficiencies.
  • Dynamic estimates: Estimates are the bridge between a lead and a sale. Make your proposals count with estimates that can be sent directly to the customer, then modified and approved on the spot.
  • GPS checkins: Keep track of which technician is working at a job site with the convenience of checking in via GPS.

Dynamic calendar capabilities

Overseeing an entire field team’s schedule is a tough task. With Kickserv’s dynamic calendar, you can manage your team members’ day, week, or month, and color-code specific types of appointments to make at-a-glance viewing quick and intuitive. Our calendar is designed to work well for both small and large teams, so it will easily grow as you do.

We worked hard to develop our calendar’s dynamic filtering options. Quickly gather specific data to analyze the productivity, efficiency, and workload of your entire team.

Resource calendar for easy dispatch

When it comes to managing your team’s workload, there’s no better tool than the resource calendar. View the calendar by day or week, alongside specific employee availability. Then, simply drag and drop appointments or events into selected days or time slots to assign work. Creating a balanced schedule has never been easier—and that means happier employees, happier clients, and a happier you. 

With the help of Kickserv’s scheduling and calendar tools, you can effortlessly manage your entire workforce. Begin your 14-day trial, no contracts required, today!