Customer Management

Kickserv includes a complete CRM solution. See all customers info, history, payments, invoices, notes, pictures and more. Even set reminders and follow-ups.

Know your customers. Know your business.

Customer records and powerful reports help you gain insight into your business.

Kickserv keeps your customers happy

Keeping your customers happy will always be your number one priority. Happy customers come back for future products and services, refer other customers, and pay their invoices on time. Each customer has a unique story that brings them to you. Knowing that story allows you to build trust with your clients, improving both of your experiences in working together. Kickserv is equipped to handle complete and detailed contact records, which offer at-a-glance summaries of each customer. Quickly find notes on their reason for calling, tips and notes from their last visit, or any special requests they have made.

You can also find related contacts and service locations, set reminders for sales and work follow-ups, and add notes or attachments for your (or your customer’s) reference. When you know your customers, you know your business.

Keeping communication simple

Communication with clients can easily become clouded by missed phone calls, payment disputes, and word-of-mouth estimates. With Kickserv’s contact database system, you’ll simplify the most important part of your business.

Our messaging tools allow you and your team to centrally manage all external communications. Messages can be viewed by customers via email or through their customer portal, where they can quickly and easily respond.

Customer Center

We help you exceed your customers’ expectations by giving them an online space they can access to keep up to date on their business interactions. With the Customer Center, customers can perform a range of tasks, including – view their job history; schedule new appointments; message you; view, modify, and approve estimates; and manage invoices and payments. Staying on top of your business operations has never been easier.

Dynamic reporting

Our predefined reports give you access to the data that most businesses rely on, such as profit margins, historical invoices, and job history. Data-driven decisions are more likely to end in your favor. Take the time to pull the report and let the numbers guide you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Detailed custom reports are easy to set up, too.

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