Instant, Accurate Documents

Send estimates and invoices from the field. Collect live signatures from your customers, electronically.

Tools to Close Deals and Get Paid

Create and send estimates and invoices with a simple text message, from anywhere. Manage everything in one place and close more projects.

Faster, Easier Invoicing and Online Payments

You probably started your company because you enjoy the work you do, and you want it to be a financial success. And while you still enjoy what you do, collecting payments is often the most frustrating part of being a business owner. Agreeing on price, explaining charges, dealing with payment-avoiders, following up on forgotten invoices, and working directly with non-paying customers can all make the invoicing and payment process a headache.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Sending invoices to clients and collecting online payments is simple and convenient with Kickserv’s suite of software solutions, created especially for small business owners. At Kickserv, we know that small business owners have a good deal on their plates at all times; that’s why we want to do some of the tough work for you. Let us take some of the headache out of collecting payments and make it easy to send estimates, address modifications, and send invoices.

Payday just got easier

Once you’ve completed work on a project, it’s time to get paid. You agreed on an estimate at the beginning, but estimates change as a job progresses. All too often, the invoice process becomes a push and pull between business and customer, going back and forth about who owes what and when previous deposits were made. Checks get lost in the mail, invoices are never sent, and hard work goes unpaid.

With Kickserv, you’re able to send invoices directly to clients via email, and even track when they are received and viewed. You can collect online payments seamlessly and hassle-free with the help of credit card payment integration. Don’t stress about checks in the mail or cash payments changing hands. Collect payments straight to the online portal and get paid quicker and more easily.

The reality is that while jobs and payment goes through ebbs and flows, payroll stays the same. Don’t worry about ending up on the wrong end of a cash flow situation due to late or unpaid invoices. Stay on the same page with your customers, from estimate to payment.

Online payments and invoicing made easy

In addition to getting paid in full and on time, Kickserv can help collect signatures on estimates and invoices and deliver them right to your computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile device. Long gone is the hassle of collecting signatures in person. Simply send a request for signature via email and your customers will be able to view the estimate, modification, or invoice before providing the authorization you need to move forward. All signature data on the estimate or invoice page will be stored for historical use, creating a paper trail that keeps everyone in the loop.

With Kickserv’s software, you’re able to view jobs and estimate completion dates, provide more accurate estimates, stay ahead of potential delays, and close more deals. Communicate more efficiently with your customers, and watch your business’s reputation rise with every job you complete.