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Chimney sweeps and masonry professionals understand that a good foundation is vital to doing any job right. Kickserv is proud of our customizable masonry and chimney sweep software solutions and our position as the industry’s go-to support to build and manage their businesses. An optimized business process lets companies respond to their customers’ needs quickly. Our web-based business management software works in all common browsers and on most mobile devices. Schedule your staff, send out invoices by text or email, receive secure online payments, and synchronize your expenditures and professional costs with Quickbooks®. We have your daily operational needs covered, from improving your field service staff management to making that tax-season reporting easy. Let us optimize your daily operations at a reasonable price. We can help with marketing, reporting, online booking, and the other essential aspects of running a business.

Manage Your Field Service Team More Easily

Your team of field service specialists constantly travels around working at homes and businesses. It’s important to keep them equipped with essential software tools. Kickserv makes it easier to send invoices, keep records of customer interactions, and keep your crew up-to-date and ready to complete jobs anywhere. Our included mobile app gives you the tools for hassle-free cost tracking, inventory assessment, on-the-fly job management, estimate creation, email or text invoicing, and other essential tasks. Our system is easy to learn, and we also keep you prepared and informed with 24/7 online support, videos, and tutorials in case you have questions that need answers. We'll also help you customize your Kickserv account to meet your unique needs.

Manage Your Marketing & Online Booking

Running your business with help from masonry and chimney sweep business management software enhances your abilities in more ways than accounting and scheduling. In addition to keeping track of your jobs, Kickserv’s chimney and masonry contractor software help you market your brand by pressing a few buttons. We offer easy mobile integration with Apple and Android devices. Modify any job you have in your books using our powerful calendar tools, job cost analysis reporting, and on-the-fly scheduling tools. If a job requires more team members than you figured, you can alert them in real-time to send reinforcements to a job site. We also make uploading costs, fees, and estimates into your bookkeeping easy, so you can track your invoices more effectively and stay up to date at all times. Our masonry estimating software and other useful features ensure you have reliable field management, bookkeeping, and booking solutions.

Access Detailed Reporting at Any Time

Bookkeeping can be a time-consuming part of running your business, and staying accurate with all the details can be a grueling task. With Kickserv, you can free up your workday and focus on your customers as we handle the numbers. Make accounting easy and accurate with our convenient workflow automation that takes care of detailed reporting, cost and project tracking, scheduling, and invoicing. You can spend your work hours serving customers while we track your daily jobs and manage your team’s schedule. Add personnel to a job site, make schedule adjustments, and reassign staff members quickly and easily whenever job details change. Our package includes chimney sweep and masonry estimating software, marketing applications, and a mobile application. We have you covered during tax season by synchronizing your job costs, payments, and invoices to QuickBooks®. We’re available 24/7 to answer questions, and let us help you customize your platform so that it meets your unique needs.

Let Kickserv Benefit Your Business

Kickserv’s business management software makes your chimney sweep or masonry company more efficient. Our software solution streamlines your operation with quick and easy applications for bookkeeping, scheduling, and many other essential duties. You get many benefits from using our services, including the following:

  • Save Time. With Kickserv software handling your payments, workflow, reporting, and other tasks, you don’t need to spend hours on things like schedule changes, customer reminders, and running numbers for tax season.
  • Increase Your Productivity. By streamlining your business process with our integrative software and syncing with QuickBooks® and other applications, you can work quicker and increase your workload.
  • Make Your Schedule More Flexible. You can see what your team is working on and when they’re scheduled to handle jobs. This enhanced view of your entire schedule lets you adjust to customer changes, including sending more team members, changing job details, and more.

Let Kickserv Streamline Your Business

Whether your business offers quality masonry or chimney sweep services, you can run it better with business management software from Kickserv. We've got a free trial for you to discover all the ways we can help. Contact us today.

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