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When it comes to chimney and masonry work, you know how vital having a good foundation and resources can be to get the job done right. Kickserv operates as your go-to support for building a business that’s easy to manage and responds quickly to your customers’ needs. Kickserv integrates seamlessly with almost any computer operating system and can work just as easily on mobile devices. Schedule your staff with confidence, synchronize your job costs with QuickBooks, and send out hassle-free email invoices that can be paid in the form, online, and with absolute security. Whether you’re looking to manage your field service staff better, or need easy reporting for the tax season, Kickserv can handle your day-to-day operational needs for a very reasonable price. Contact us today.

Easy field service management

Keeping your contractors in the field up to date on jobs, sending invoices, and maintaining records of your customer interactions has never been easier when you utilize Kickserv for all of your CRM and operational communications. Our integrated mobile platform allows for hassle-free email invoicing, on-the-fly job management and cost tracking, inventory assessment, estimate tools, and much, much more. Our system is easy to learn, and we offer 24/7 online support, tutorials, and videos to answer all of your questions. We can help customize our platform to meet your specific needs, and we offer unlimited user license for every masonry business we serve. Find out more by connecting with us today.

Marketing and online booking tool integration

Market your brand and keep track of your jobs with a few clicks of a keypad when you utilize Kickserv in your day-to-day operation. We offer easy mobile integration with both Apple and Android devices, and you can easily modify every job on the books with powerful calendar tools, on-the-fly scheduling tools, and job cost analysis reporting. Do you have a job that requires more team members than you estimated? Send your people where they’re needed most and alert them in real-time with Kickserv. Do you need effective invoice tracking? Kickserv lets your employees upload their estimates, costs, and fees seamlessly into your bookkeeping, so you’re always up to date. When you need reliable booking, bookkeeping, and field management solutions, Kickserv is your best choice.

Detailed reporting when you need it

When it comes to managing your day, the less time you spend on bookkeeping, the more time you can spend serving your customers. Kickserv offers convenient workflow automation that includes scheduling, cost and project tracking, detailed reporting, and online invoicing options that will allow you to focus on the work you love without the hassle of tracking your day to day jobs and hunting down the multiple team member schedules. Our job management software allows you to modify, add personnel, or reassign staff to any customer quickly and easily, and when tax season comes around, you’ll love how Kickserv synchronizes every invoice, payment, and job cost to your QuickBooks with its optimized two-way integration functionality. We can help you customize your Kickserv platform to meet your specific needs, and we’re available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Keep your bookkeeping hassle-free when you use Kickserv today.

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