Manage your workflow, communicate effectively with your clients and track your expenses.

Your Consulting Firm’s Back-Office Solution

Whether your consulting work is in civil law cases, corporate restructuring, or advertising, or something else entirely, you need a back-office software solution that keeps your client interactions organized, easy to find, and easy to respond to. We offer simple and useful business software that will help you manage your workflow, communicate with your clients, and track your expenses. Kickserv has served countless business professionals like yourself and can take the headache out of your day-to-day bookkeeping. Our signature software is fully customizable to fit your specific needs and can handle every aspect of your business both in office and on the road through our mobile device integration. Make the most of your valuable time—start using Kickserv today.

Accurate billing and invoicing

With Kickserv you can accurately track your client charges, invoice them professionally, and write out estimates on the fly. You can send an invoice by text message, email, or use our customizable Customer Center. Get paid faster with our effective and secure online payment options that can be tied to your business accounts. Since Kickserv handles all your reporting, you can send your payment and cost information to your accountant in just a few clicks of a button. When you want to focus on your consultant work and need back-office support you can rely on, Kickserv is your best option.

Easy communication tools

Kickserv makes it easy to communicate with your clients. Our detailed contact records give you at-a-glance summaries of each client so you can find the information you need to deliver what they want. With Kickserv, you’ll be able to set appointment reminders, add notes and attachments to every job you create, and simplify your client communication. Kickserv also offers:

  • Account tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Two-way QuickBooks syncing
  • Marketing and online booking tools
  • Sales and estimates tools
  • Detailed reporting and more

We can help customize your Kickserv portal to meet your needs, and we’ll ensure you understand every aspect of its functionality. Kickserv functions as an effective scheduling tool, bookkeeping app, and customer communication hub. When you implement Kickserv business software in your business, you’ll find you have more time for your clients and your day-to-day operation will run more smoothly. Contact us today for more information.

Reliable cost reporting

Are you tracking your costs effectively? If not, you could be losing revenue. With Kickserv you won’t need to worry about every receipt being accounted for. Our signature bookkeeping software records your costs while you’re on the road. Kickserv is available for iPhone and Android devices and can sync with your QuickBooks account. You can export all of your costs and revenue easily, and with Kickserv’s integrated invoicing and online payment system, you can ensure your payments are expedited. Kickserv is the gold standard when it comes to back-office functionality and convenient task management, and with our 14-day free trial, you won’t risk a thing. Find out more by contacting the Kickserv team today.

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