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No matter your trade, when it comes to effectively managing your business, Kickserv is your best tool at hand. Our integrated software solution can schedule your team members effortlessly with mobile functionality and two-way optimization, track your customer communication and make a note of their preferences, and offer secure email invoicing and payment options for your clients to ensure you’re paid on time. Kickserv works with all computer platforms and Apple and Android devices, and we’re continually adding to its optional apps with developer APIs that can be customized to fit your unique business’s needs. Make your day-to-day operation management a breeze by connecting with Kickserv today.

Schedule the right people for the job

When it comes to utilizing your team’s talents, scheduling the right people for off-site jobs is essential. Kickserv offers easy job tracking, cost analysis, and modifications that bring in more team members or that send them to other assignments on-the-fly. Whether you’re onboarding new crew members or meeting the changing needs of a large client, Kickserv can ensure your tracking is detailed, your invoices are accurate, and your communication with your customers is beyond reproach. Find out more by connecting with Kickserv today.

Convenient job and communication tracking

You’ve built a reputation in your industry for solving problems and fixing issues as they appear, but how do you handle your back-office workload? With Kickserv, you have a partner in contractor service management. Our fully-customizable software integrates with both Android and Apple devices to ensure you can keep track of your jobs, customer needs, schedules, and invoices with a few clicks of a button. Whether you’re tracking your costs on a job or keeping up with customer communication, you’ll find the easy-to-use functionality and powerful office management tools Kickserv provides invaluable. Do you want to create an accurate estimate or modify an existing quote before you leave your client’s home? With Kickserv, you can email them an updated invoice of projected fees and offer easy online payment options. Skip the extra trip to the office to turn in your paperwork; you can send all needed files, attachments, and job information seamlessly to your off-site computer and ensure you meet your clients’ needs. Contact us today to learn how Kickserv can best serve you.

Easy invoice and payment options

Whether you want to make an accurate estimate to a potential client, track your website traffic, or ensure your clients have easy payment options emailed to them, Kickserv can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Track your staff’s en route progress to a job site, keep up to date on your costs per job, and ensure reporting is accurate, all with Kickserv’s integrated software platform. Kickserv works with all developer API apps and has integrated two-way synchronization with QuickBooks. No matter your back-office needs, you’ll find Kickserv is the right tool for the job. Contact us today for more information.

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