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Streamline Your Business Practices with HVAC Software

Our Software Can Help You Manage Jobs, Staff, & Scheduling

HVAC contractors are taking on more projects and customers every day, with the goal of addressing each issue as quickly as possible. When the phone is constantly ringing with a new customer, it can seem impossible to keep track of all the tasks on your company’s plate and ensure each one is assigned to a technician. Kickserv can provide you with reliable HVAC business software that will streamline your processes and help you and the entire team stay organized. Reach out to us today to learn more about our software.

Manage Multiple Aspects of Your Business

HVAC work is completed by service teams that operate remotely in numerous locations, so it can be difficult to manage all the details of each job site and work order. Our software lets you store and manage all the details of every job for easy access. Each member of your team is connected and on the same page, so your office staff stays coordinated with the technicians on the job. Our HVAC software can help you in the following areas:

Effectively Manage All Your Jobs

As the owner or manager of an HVAC company, you know there are numerous steps in your workflow. You have to track each job through these steps, from the moment the customer calls with the service request until you receive payment. Our HVAC service software is integrated with QuickBooks® to help you seamlessly handle your finances. Our software sees the job all the way through from start to finish, from lead to project management to invoicing and touch-free payment—saving you a lot of legwork.

Coordinate Your Team

With numerous technicians out on the job, you must have a way to manage them effectively. Kickserv has software to keep track of all the teams working on various jobs throughout your service area. The software includes a resource calendar that helps you see who is working on what and on which days, so you can effectively coordinate schedules to complete jobs more efficiently. There is even a mobile app your technicians can use while on the job, keeping everyone connected at all times.

Keep Track of Current Customers & Potential Leads

Our software includes tools to help you track customer details and manage potential customer leads. This ability ensures you have an easy path for follow-ups and lead conversion, which helps to make sales and service less labor-intensive. These tools also help you track your current customers and ensure they are getting essential maintenance reminders or notifications for other related services. Plus, you can set the system up to send these automatically.

Benefits of Our Software Tools

At Kickserv, our goal is to connect you with the right HVAC service and scheduling software to make the management of your business easier. Our numerous software options can be used for a variety of business tasks that may otherwise require hours of labor by an employee. Our software tools provide benefits in the following ways:

  • Save Time: Managing workflow, payments, and customer reminders used to require multiple employees and hours of time. Now you can streamline this process, so your employees can focus on other more critical tasks.
  • Increase Productivity: Because your business processes will become more streamlined with the help of our software, you’ll be able to complete more work quicker, increasing your productivity.
  • More Flexibility: Our software allows you to see what every member of your team is working and when, giving you a view of the entire company’s schedule. This broad look at the calendar allows you to identify areas for flexibility so that you can adapt to emergency calls from customers.

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If you’re looking for ways to streamline the workflow of your HVAC business, Kickserv is here to help. We offer numerous software services to help you track jobs, technicians, and customers, ensuring all aspects of the job are correctly completed. Please reach out to us today if you would like to discuss how our software can help your business run more efficiently. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you have and build a plan for which software will work best for you. Give us a call today.

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