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Professional Pet Service Business Software

With Kickserv’s innovative pet service company business software, take the stress out of scheduling appointments and sending invoices. We understand the ins and outs of running a business in the service industry—that’s why we’re able to provide you a program that works just the way you want it to. Whether you’re a large dog walking company or a one-person specialized groomer, rest assured that we save you time and streamline your processes. Our program handles all the details so you can focus on building your business. Never worry about managing employees and receiving payments again! Rest assured that Kickserv has you covered.

We believe our software can help your company. In fact, we’re so certain that we offer a 14-day trial of our program! Once you experience the difference, you’ll never want to go back.

Dynamic communication and scheduling features

Our powerful pet service company business software is easy for you and your team to use. We implement a dynamic calendar that helps you plan for anything and organizes even the most complex schedules. In addition, save on time and streamline booking with our Customer Center that allows customers to set up appointments virtually. With Kickserv’s help, you never have to worry about losing a client’s information or tracking down a missing invoice. Our program finds and organizes contacts, sales, job, and invoice history for you.

Easily add a job, assign it to an employee, and track its process all the way through to completion with our impressive job management feature. In addition, keep in touch with your team with our handy iOS and Android mobile app! Communication will flow at your fingertips so everyone stays in-sync. With our help, gone are the days of cluttered calendars, mixed up schedules, and employee confusion. Contact our team to learn how Kickserv can make communication and scheduling hassle-free for your company today!

Efficient invoicing and financial features

Collecting payments and sending and receiving invoices have never been faster or easier. Kickserv’s pet service company software allows you to digitally send invoices that are easily accessible to your valuable clients. Then, we took the legwork out of receiving payments by enabling your customers to safely and securely pay online. Speaking of customers, with our sales and estimate feature, you can easily follow up on potential clients and secure their business with quick, accurate estimates.

For the best organization of finances, we’re synchronized with QuickBooks®. We also offer a reporting feature that takes note of trends in your business so you can always make the best, informed choice for your company. Or, if you prefer, make your own custom reports. The power is in your hands with Kickserv.

Ongoing support

We care about the success of your business. That’s why Kickserv offers additional support through our online resources and training videos. We’re committed to making your life easier and put the tools and knowledge in your hands to make that possible. And, we’re always here to answer any of your questions and help you fix any issues that may arise down the road to ongoing success.

Contact us today for exceptional pet services business software!

What customers like you say about Kickserv

“Kickserv has been easy to implement, easy-to-use, easy-to-train the techs in its use, easy-to-access and all followed up with great service from the support staff.”
Blunt's Electrical Solutions
“Kickserv is the easiest and best software I've dealt with in the past year. The product is easy to understand and the directions are clear and written in everyday language for us non-techies.”
Jon R. Fuller Locksmith
“Whenever I have a question, suggestion or a concern it is always addressed quickly. If I have a problem they make it a priority and rectify the situation quickly.”
Anytown Tree Service
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Powerful. And easy for your entire team to use.

Native apps for iOS & Android

With native iOS and Android support, your entire team can stay in sync. And our web app is mobile-friendly, too!

Customer Account Center

Every customer has access to the Customer Account Center, where they can view and approve estimates, past jobs, and pay invoices.

Impressive Job Management

Jobs are easy to add, easy to schedule, and automatically track progress throughout their lifecycle.

2-way QuickBooks® Sync Add-on

Keep your QuickBooks® (Online or Desktop) fully synchronized with your Kickserv account.

Dynamic Calendar

Our powerful calendar and scheduling can help teams plan for even the most complex schedules.


Make Kickserv your own with personalized services & items, logo upload and color matching.

Marketing & Online Booking Add-on

The Marketing add-on lets you easily set up a public site and accept booking requests from your customers.

Customer Tracking

From contact information to sales, job, and invoice history. Track customers information with ease.

Invoicing & Online Payments

Collecting payments has never been faster. Send invoices and collect payments online instantly.

Sales & Estimates

Track all your prospects and estimates easily. Close more deals with powerful estimates.

Detailed Reporting

Use our reports to better guide your business decisions. Or make your own custom reports.

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