Read more success stories with Kickserv from these trusted sources. The good buzz from our happy customers is making our ears ring and we just had to share.

Gringo Dave’s, Inc.
“We've used this Kickserv for years! It's a good, solid program that is continually being upgraded. Let's us keep all customer data in one place. Syncs with our bookkeeping program. Internet based lets us work from anywhere. Good value for the $$$. Good set of features. Great customer service.” Phyllis Clark-Kirkman, CFO
Dr. John’s Lawn Prescription, LLC
“Overall it was user friendly. The sync with quickbooks was satisfactory and very useful. Customer reports average to good.” John Lightner, Owner
Push To Shove Inc.
“Facilitates the work. What I like the most about Kickserv is its user friendly features. Its great to have for a business purposes.” Edwin Clermont, Owner
Timber Ridge Tree Care
“Pretty Pleasant. Keeps all of my office and field workers on the same page. Love that it can also sync to my QB Desktop software.” Jason Forbush, Manager
field service software clients
Green Options & Treatment
“I am a small business owner with lofty aspirations. When we started our new brand, our Field Services Software was a HUGE priority. We have tried, tested, and purchased half a dozen of the other field services software applications listed on capterra. I became SO discouraged that when I came around to Kickserv I was looking for the software that, to be frank, sucked the least.

I have found THE BEST software and application available AT ANY PRICE (and theirs is nominal by comparison). Their Quickbooks integration, customer portals, and CRM rivals what three other programs were doing half as well. Kickserv is all I have been looking for and more. We needed a partner who would forge into the future with us to provide customer service to my Day 1 technician out in the field but possess the infrastructure to accommodate our ever-growing line of services and products as we take over the market and go national. I cannot say enough about them!!”
Christian Jessop, Owner
fence and landscape management software
Liberty Fence & Deck Co.
“Kickserv has been a great program for us and was super easy to jump in and start using. It is quick and responsive, the little options like linking to mapping and the easy calendar editing make my life much easier. All around, it is a great program and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.” Kari Peters, Owner
SoFlo Wildlife
“Kickserv has made my life and the running of my business so easy and stress free! After using a different company, I switched to Kickserv on the basis of having everything I need from scheduling, invoicing, tracking and many other things all in one place. And I was not disappointed. The customer service is outstanding. Any time I have a question or need help in the process of learning to use the system (which is very easy to use I might add) I am immediately helped. It is nice to have someone that cares. Highly recommended!” Erica Price
Complete Irrigation Services reviews for kickserv
Complete Irrigation Services LLC
“Kickserv has been a great way to keep track of my customers and upcoming jobs. It is easy to sync with QuickBooks for billing and all of the material that I bill for. Their customer service has always been great.” Trevor Varcoe
Desert Foothills Pool Service Inc.
Desert Foothills Pool Service Inc.
“Kickserv has been a life saver on the service and repair side of things. We can seamlessly create, schedule and invoice jobs in KickServ and send them right over to Quickbooks to be billed out.” Sarah Cupo
The Urban Foresters
“We run EVERYTHING with Kickserv. It's been one of the best ways we have found to kick out competition's butts! Gave us a leg up in our industry.”
Phoenix Irrigation Services
“Kickserv makes our day to day business much more efficient. We love the fact that we have a all inclusive solution to our scheduling, billing, and customer database needs. ” Thomas Moss
Rangel & Associates Landscaping
“With kickserv, I was able to create consistency in my weekly business schedule through the softwares scheduling capabilities. ” Eduardo Rangel
Simply Green Home Services
Simply Green
“Very helpful receiving updates on my leads, I LOVE IT :D ” Ridhwan Chowdhury
anchor tree service
Anchor Tree Service
“I really liked how easy it was to import all my data into Kickserv from QuickBooks. The simplicity of the tools offered by Kickserv and the varied ways to access the same customer and job data continued to excite the team at Anchor Tree. ” Erica
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irrigation services software
Peninsula Irrigation
“Moving to Kickserv has been a great decision. It has saved us a ton of time and headache. Todd and his support team are very very responsive and have added lots of new features and continue to add more. We are now completely paperless with all of our field techs using tablets in the field. Thanks Kickserv!!” Nate
irrigation service business software
American Irrigation Repair
“Been using the software for several years and the support from the kickserv team has been outstanding. Highly recommended.” Justin
tree service software
Anytown Tree Service
“Whenever I have a question, suggestion or a concern it is always addressed quickly. ” Karen