Read more success stories with Kickserv from these trusted sources. The good buzz from our happy customers is making our ears ring and we just had to share.

Miracle Method of the Golden Triangle
“Very easy to use. Integrates easily with QuickBooks. I like that it is mobile. I also like the new feature with the address input. The service team is always quick to respond.” Jennifer Veitch, Office Manager
Barone Construction, Inc.
“All my customer info stored in one place and the ability to access your invoicing from anywhere, and the ability to write estimates and invoices on the go. ” Sal Barone, President
Right Now Mobility
“The ease of use is the best part about Kickserv. You can have your team up and running quickly and easily.” Scott French, Operations
Accent Inc.
“User Friendly. Great Software, I hope you guys keep improving” Jaime Carrillo, Cost Estimator
Entry Systems
“The software is very organized, easy to navigate through, I like that there's more than one way to search for something. I think the Dispatch View is an amazing concept! I am in the service industry and have technicians that I send all over S. OC, having a map right there and not having to switch back and forth with google maps would be wonderful! I really hope they will be able to fully incorporate it into the software. The texting concept is another wonderful idea I recently saw added. A lot of my customers ask for texts because their at work and in meetings etc, so to have this feature fully functional would be another efficient bonus!” Ambyr E, Internal Operations Coordinator
Lift Tech Garages
“I like the ability to link photos to the jobs. Seeing where all the jobs are on a map is nice. Being able to send a nice invoice to the customers and track it has been great.
Also, the link to stripe for the customer has also been very helpful. It is the best we've used so far. But can be improved. The tweaks look to be minor to make it a much better product.”
Brian Kangas, Manager
field service software clients
ECP Commercial
“Kickserv has allowed us to organize scheduling and increase efficiency. The ability to instantly share information on multiple platforms has been invaluable. Support has always been very responsive when we have questions. Overall, we are very satisfied with the product.” Roberto
Missouri Kitchen Pros
Missouri Kitchen Pros
“I highly recommend Kickserv to any service industry. The Sales, Support and Customer Services has been beyond comparison. I just got a call yesterday from another company that i had been on trial with and they were now willing to lower their price. I said too bad I already signed up with Kirckserv! I still get a call every week or so from Alex just to check on me and see if I needed any help.” David Liss, CEO
Miracle Method of Washington DC reviews for kickserv
Miracle Method of Washington DC
“Overall Kick Serv is a great program, it does everything you would ever need for a business. It is very self explanatory and easy to learn, and if you have any trouble understanding customer service is of a great help. We highly recommend this program to anyone that would like to make work easier for their employees.” Courtney Scheetz , Admin
Refinish First
Refinish First
“How do I love Kickserv? Let me count the ways... Quick, easy to use format: check. User friendly operating: check. Excellent Customer Service and speedy responses to questions: double check! Our scheduling and client data would be a nightmare without Kickserv keeping us organized!”
Boyle's Aluminum & Screening
Boyle’s Aluminum and Screening
“After trying other options we finally found Kickserv! They are the best with a staff that is always on the cutting edge and customer service that will blow your mind! You're making the right choice!” Craig Boyle
Alex’s Carpet Cleaning
“For our carpet cleaning business we feel that Kickserv gives us exactly what we need. Using Kickserv software for about a year and we love it, easy mobile access for scheduling, billing and more... ” Alex Mikhaylevskiy
Gulf Coast Aluminum
Gulf Coast Aluminum
“Kickserv has been amazing! Its great for scheduling, and maintaining our operations efficiently; estimates, work, and invoices. Its easy to use even for our guys in the field. ”
Flooring N Beyond
“This calendar has helped arrange appointments as well as knowing when and where our installers need to be to take care of our customers. This has been one of the most helpful tools our company has.”
Miracle Method of Utah
“Scheduling & updating is easy. Attaching pictures & estimates to a job. Syncing with QuickBooks saves time. Google map feature is useful. I like creating custom reports & the search fixture is great.” Amy Bagwell
Oakwood Veneer
“Kickserv has helped coordinate our customer data efficiently. Notes are easily accessed allowing for us to better serve our customers.” Ezra Drissman
Florida TEC-Kickserv's Customer
Florida TEC
“Kick Serve has become the backbone of our company. We enter all potential customers, we schedule all jobs, and best of all it synchs with QB, eliminating double entry and saving us time and effort. ” Amilly Coleman
Handyman Xtreme
“Kickserv has helped Handyman Xtreme become more efficient and streamlined. ” Dee Hanke
plumbing scheduling software
Carter’s My Plumber
“SSK has been instrumental in keeping our company organized through dispatching. We are able to stay on time to serve our customers, and communicate with our technicians via texting calls to them.” Lisa Carter
field service manager
CWD Remodel & Windows
“This program has totally organized our communication with all of our leaders. In a snap we can access all information on customers and future leads. We love it” Jim Warford