The first implementation of our mapping feature provides a simple way to track your employees throughout their workday. Below, you’ll find the information you need to use this feature.

Enable Mapping on your account

To begin, you must have Mapping enabled on your account. To do this, simply contact Support via our in-app support (the orange smile at the bottom right) and ask to have it enabled.

Once added, you’ll see a link for Maps on the sidebar:

The maps link in the sidebar menu

Use the latest mobile apps

Your employees must have the latest version of the Kickserv iOS or Android mobile app to check in. Find the latest versions here:

Download on the Apple App Store   Get it on Google Play

In addition, location services must be enabled on the device for the Kickserv application. On iOS, a user will be asked to enable location services once they open up the updated Kickserv app. On Android, users must agree to allow location services before downloading the app.

Checking In

To check in, an employee can simply view the job on the mobile app and press “Start Job”. This will change the job’s status to “In Progress” and send GPS coordinates.

All Check-in Triggers

The following actions in the mobile apps will trigger a check-in:

  • Start Job
  • Stop Job
  • Place Job On Hold
  • Remove Hold
  • Mark Job Complete
  • Add Signature
  • Mark Event Complete
  • Add Time Entry

Viewing the Map

From the web app, you can view your employees’ last check in at any time by viewing the Map. Your business’s address will be marked by the building icon and your employees will be shown by the small person icons.