Kickserv is the perfect complement to QuickBooks®. Our entire feature set is available for running your service business efficiently and smoothly AND at the end of the day your completed jobs can be pushed to QuickBooks® as invoices with one click. No double-entry!

How does the integration work?

QuickBooks® is a great accounting system. But QuickBooks® does not offer many of the features required to run a successful service business, such as scheduling & dispatching, mobile access, task management & calendaring, and more. This is not a fault with QuickBooks®. Rather QuickBooks® simply focuses on what it does best – accounting. Because of this many service businesses search for a software solution that will bridge the gap between what QuickBooks® provides and what is needed to run the daily work in the company.

The major drawback with most is that now you have two systems – one to manage your scheduling and dispatching and field work and then QuickBooks® for accounting. This leads to the dreaded double-entry scenario where customer and job information is entered twice into both systems.

Thankfully, with Kickserv’s QuickBooks® integration double-entry is a thing of the past.