When you know your customers, you know your business.

Each one of your customers brings a unique story, and knowing their story helps you build a trusting relationship with that customer and improve the overall service experience you provide. That’s why Kickserv's Customer View gives you everything required to maintain communication with your customers and provide them with everything they need for a successful interaction at their fingertips.

Customer View

With Kickserv, you can create and organize detailed records and at-a-glance summaries of each customer as well as any special requests they might have. You can also find related contacts and service locations, set reminders for sales and work follow-ups and add attachments for your own reference.

  • See all locations for the customer in one place
  • Full list of all jobs, invoices, and opportunities for that customer
  • View any special notes such as a gate code
Kickserv customer view

Job history

When you’re inside the customer view, you can click on the Jobs tab and get a quick rundown of your customer’s work history.

  • View jobs by type - Unscheduled, In Progress, On Hold, Completed
  • Place jobs on hold while you're waiting for parts or supplies
  • Click on the job for a more detailed view of the work that was done
Kickserv job history

Messaging Inbox

Communication with your clients can become clouded by missed phone calls, payment disputes and word-of-mouth estimates. Get away from phone calls and email and use Kickserv instead. Our messaging tool allows you and your team to see and approve work requests, negotiate scheduling, and basically manage all external communications in one place. Messages can be viewed by customers via email or through the Customer Center, where they can quickly and easily respond.

  • Customers can reply to notifications
  • Send emails back and forth right through the app
  • Messages stay with the customer record for future reference
Kickserv messaging inbox

Customer Center

Give your customers a convenient online space they can access to keep in-the-know on their service interactions. Customers can sign in to the Customer Center and perform a range of tasks, including view their job history, schedule new appointments, send you a message, approve estimates, and manage invoices and payments.

Kickserv customer center

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