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Manage your team

You started a service business hoping it would take off and become successful, and it’s done just that. Congratulations! Reaching that goal is something to celebrate, but running a business is hard work. Keeping track of sales, scheduling, invoicing, and payments become more difficult the larger your company grows. Want some good news? You’re not alone.

Kickserv to the rescue! Keeping track of your team is easier than ever with our user-friendly web and mobile applications. With mobile reminders for appointments and payments, QuickBooks integration for your back office, and an intuitive dashboard, Kickserv will completely change the way you run your business. Track potential sales, seamlessly maintain your schedule of appointments, send invoices, and collect payments—all within a single web application.

Manage your customers

When it comes to landing sales, every business owner knows the importance of product visibility in their key market. But being seen only goes so far. Missed opportunities, squandered follow-ups, and last-minute cancellations are bound to happen when you don’t have a way to track and manage your potential clients.

Keep your company’s reputation in line with Kickserv. Here are some examples of how Kickserv will help your business flourish:

  1. Follow up with sales prospects in a timely manner.
  2. Send appointment reminders to clients.
  3. Follow up post-service to assess client satisfaction, gather feedback, and take advantage of referral opportunities.

Manage the back office

Being your own boss is exciting, but let’s face it: the least glamorous responsibilities of running a business are the back-office duties. Collecting payments, team payroll, taxes, and marketing will consume your entire day if you let them. Let Kickserv give you back your free time (remember that?). Do you keep customers and invoices in QuickBooks™? Import them seamlessly into Kickserv. With just a few clicks, you can upload your customer data, send invoices, and collect payment. Gone are the days of chasing down missed payments and miscalculating end-of-year business costs.

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Kickserv gives you the power you need to manage the complete service business lifecycle. From online booking, creating and sending estimates & invoices, to scheduling and dispatching, Kickserv gives you the power you need to manage the complete service business lifecycle!

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