Meet the Designers and Operators of Kickserv Field Service Software

We were born out of an aim to assist companies focused on providing service to homeowners. We realized that these companies are usually little more than a group of people with missions to provide great plumbing, landscaping, electrical installation, and an endless list of other services, without the complete resources to do so and manage their businesses.

We also realized that the people in charge of these businesses are often working more on managing their business than assisting customers, so we set out to change that. Kickserv is an intuitive field service software that gives service business owners the opportunity to manage their quotes and customers, schedule consultations and service, and even handle all their bookkeeping as simply as possible, leaving the rest of their schedule free to handle their purpose for being in business.

When you hire a plumber using Kickserv professional field service software, for example, you know that they can reliably manage jobs for you and the rest of their customers. They can organize quotes for different services, keep your information on hand (with our simple mobile interface), and always come through for you. That was our dream when we started building Kickserv. Here’s our story:

The Kickserv story

In 1994, while working at his family’s service business, Todd Eccles conceptualized a better way to help his family’s company build their business. The resulting desktop server-based software program helped the company grow into one of the largest private plumbing companies in the U.S.

After using the product for years and growing the company from 6 locations to 18, it was time to move to a web-based platform. The new platform utilized cloud architecture to maximize the ease of updating the software and scaled the company’s growth to over 120,000 service calls each year. Realizing the market opportunity to help other companies, Kickserv was born in 2006.

As a result of years of development and customer feedback with the original ServiceSidekick platform, Kickserv has grown to be a leading management platform for the SMB, helping thousands of service companies manage and grow their business.

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