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Create a Great Customer Experience

Eliminate customer turnover creating lifetime customers with Kickserv’s field service customer experience software.

Create a great customer experience and drive referrals and repeat business

Creating happy customers requires not just doing the job well, but also managing expectations, shifting schedules, proactive communication and timely responses. Handling all of this is critical to driving reviews, referrals and repeat business. Our field service customer service software helps you create a great experience by providing a portal where customers can view all interactions, details, and invoicing & payment history. Take advantage of automated communication, GPS alerts and tasks to proactively communicate with clients. We give you the tools to create a competitive advantage.

Our customers love it

Our customers love it too! We get so many compliments from our notifications when our tech is en route to our overall invoice. It's an all-around wonderful system!"

- Jennifer F., Office Manager

Manage everything in the customer center

Customers have high expectations of managing everything online, and now you have the tools to do it. Give your customers a field service customer portal they can access to keep in the know on all of their service interactions. Customers can sign in to the Customer Center and perform a range of tasks, including viewing their job history, requesting new service appointments, sending messages, approving estimates, and managing invoices and payments.

Keep customers in the know

There is nothing more frustrating to customers than waiting for a service tech to arrive or trying to track them down for updates. Our field service job notification software reduces missed appointments by automating job reminder emails in advance of the job. Text notification options automatically send event details, on-the-way notifications, and copies of estimates and invoices. You also can segment and automate the delivery of seasonal or promotional emails with our Mailchimp integration.

Simplify all back-and-forth communications

Communication with your clients can become convoluted by missed phone calls, payment disputes, and word-of-mouth estimates - all creating frustration for the client. Get away from phone calls and emails and use Kickserv instead. Our field service customer messaging software allows you and your team to see and approve work requests, negotiate scheduling, upload all photos and documents and manage external communications and information sharing in one place. Messages can be viewed by customers via email or through the Customer Center, where they can easily respond.

Streamline Invoicing and Payments

Any back and forth, confusion on invoices, or tracking down payments can create unwanted friction between you and your customers. Kickserv® enables you to send invoices directly to customers via text or email, then track when they are received and viewed. Service techs can capture payments on-site with contactless payment options. All of the invoices, payments, and messages around billing are viewable in the Customer Center.

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