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Service Made Simple

Kickserv’s story isn’t about selling software, but rather its founder, Todd Eccles, creating a solution for the growing demands of their family plumbing business that was delivering on 120,000 service calls a year across their 18 locations. The mission of making service simple hasn’t changed in those 20+ years.

A history built in service

Fast forward to today, Todd is the CEO of Kickserv, where he continues to pull on his first-hand learnings as well as feedback from the thousands of Kickserv customers to deliver on his mission of making service simple. Kickserv has become a G2, Capterra, Software Advice and GetApp category leader with top ratings from customers.

  • Early 1900's
    Todds Great Grandpa is a plumber in early 1900s and his Grandpa starts HVAC company in Central Valley installing the first ever refrigeration systems in grocery stores and HVAC in tall buildings in the 50s and 60s.
  • 1970's
    Todd and his sister Christina (Kickserv's Finance Chief) dart around the USA with their dad, Chet Eccles III who founded Rescue Rooter a sewer and drain cleaning company in San Diego that grew to over 30 locations by the end of the 70s.
  • 1980's
    Eccles family sells interest in Rescue Rooter and starts another family owned plumbing and sewer and drain cleaning company called Drain Patrol. Todd expands his skill set into being the human trencher when holes needed to be dug while in high school. This is Todd's dad back in the early 1980's.
  • 1988 - 1992
    Todd and Pete McKesson “Kickserv’s Customer Ambassador” founded Students Restoring Decks providing a service to homeowners each summer helping to put them through college. IT WAS ALL done on paper!! We really had the founding idea of Kickserv during this time.
  • early 1990's
    After their stint in college Christina, Todd and Pete go to work full time at the family plumbing company and start the process of computerizing workflows off paper. Christina Smith was the CFO, Todd was the National Exec. Dir. aka COO and Pete was head of sales and central booking. The corporate office had 35 employees and provided services to the 18 Plumbing companies we owned and operated with a total of 650 employees.
  • Late 1990's
    It was time to upgrade our home grown legacy software system to more modern web based technologies. This is where Zack Chandler “early co-founder of Kickserv (aka. ServiceSidekick) in 2006” comes on board with Erik Eccles (Todd’s brother and Kickserv’s current Board Advisor) to build a first ever web based scheduling tool and CRM for service companies. Released in 1999 the same year as Salesforce. We used it internally only.
  • 2000's
    The Eccles family sells plumbing companies and Zack, Chet and Todd start the idea of Kickserv by rebuilding web based software and launched as Servicesidekick in late 2006. Todd suspends all other business activities and dives in full time in late 2008 seeing the opportunity to really expand Kickserv. Pete McKesson joins shortly after that in late 2009 to head up tech support.
  • 2010's
    Zack leaves to startup another software company with Todds brother Erik. Here is where Jonathan Vaught Kickserv’s now CTO and fellow co-founder enters the picture. In July 2011 Todd partners with a Development Team that Jonathan manages. We rebrand then as Kickserv, taking the last 4 letters and first 4 letters of Servicesidekick. Norman is born at this time.
  • 2014
    Like many software companies we were at this time ready to raise money to grow the business as we had proven our model and had thousands of users on the system. Over half of them are still with us today! Reachlocal in early 2014 made an investment in us and later that year made the decision to acquire us and further invest in our future.
  • 2015 - 2021
    We released mobile apps and many new features such as live GPS tracking, Geo located time tracking, customer portal, Xero and MailChimp integrations and many other items. We maintained our independence during our tenure but unfortunately did not get the investment needed due to internal issues of the parent companies beyond our control. We continued our organic growth and 4x’d our revenue and doubled our customer base.
  • June 2021
    Having garnished a great complimentary partnership for over a decade, Todd and Jonathan pool their funds and in honor of Norman, formed Norman's Dojo, Inc. to acquire Kickserv back from parent company Gannett. The journey is again in our control and the future for Kickserv and its customers are endless. Come join us in our next chapter.

A little bit more about Norman

More than just a masked hero

Imagine your go-to, always there sidekick with super service skills. That’s Norman. "

Jonathan Vaught
Co-Founder & CTO

We started as ServiceSidekick with the mission to be a sidekick to all of our customers running their service company. In 2011, we decided to give our sidekick an identity and Norman was born. He has evolved over the years, but his mission and what he stands for has not changed. He represents our mission to "Make Service Simple". We are built to serve our customers.

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