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Our Mascot
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Meet Norman

Once upon a time (back in 2011), our field service application was named ServiceSidekick. We decided that our sidekick should have an identity and a cool ninja mask, and Norman the Ninja™ was born. He looks a little different now (we like to think he's aged well), but what he stands for remains the same. Norman represents our mission to make service simple. Kickserv® is built to serve your service business.

Norman Then

Norman Now

Do these things!

  • Use the Norman icon or Kickserv logo to link to Kickserv
  • Use the logo to advertise that your Company uses Kickserv
  • Use the logo in a blog post or news article about Kickserv

Please don't do these things...

  • Create a modified version of the Kickserv logo
  • Integrate Icon or the Kickserv logo into your logo
  • Use any Kickserv artwork without permission
  • Sell any Kickserv artwork without permission
  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images


In short, the Kickserv logos and the Norman Icons represent only Kickserv and should not be used to represent your products. Kickserv is trademarked and only to be used in a professional manner. You may also read the official legal terms here.

Kickserv Swap

Send an email to if you’re interested in ordering swag.

  • Ollie Cap

  • Black Flat-Billed Cap

  • Coaster

  • Norman Hoodie

  • Coffee Mug

  • Black T-shirts

  • Pen

  • Buff (Neck Gaiter)

  • Tumbler