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Landscaping & Arborist

Schedule recurring appointments, communicate more effectively and increase productivity.

"We have solved the issue of keeping client communication organized, etc. With Kickserv we know exactly where to find notes on previous conversations with a client as well as any important information our techs or CSR may need to know."

Ronnie N.

Create a better workflow between your landscaping office and the field

Kickserv® allows you to get rid of the paperwork and manage your entire business from your laptop and your phone. Track your employees’ locations, take care of payroll and get new leads, all from your laptop or phone. Our tools are designed to improve team communication, freeing up time to help you expand when appropriate. Your team can even create estimates and send payment requests from the job site, so no time is wasted coming back and forth to the office.

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The right tools for...

  • A 2-way sync with QuickBooks®

    Kickserv and QuickBooks exchange data in a two-way communication – providing you with a seamless and complete view of your work and finances.

  • Flexible scheduling

    Kickserv allows you to schedule multiple workers to each job at one time. You can also schedule recurring appointments and then cancel and reschedule jobs during inclement weather days.

  • Customer management

    Your clients can log into the Customer Center where they can submit appointment requests, view and pay invoices, and share notes.

With Kickserv, you can:

  • Track

    your client accounts and make detailed notes

  • Record

    client interactions, payments and attach documentation to each task

  • Manage

    your workflow and schedule employees

  • Sync

    your payments and costs to QuickBooks™

  • Analyze

    your marketing and website analytics

  • Make

    more dynamic estimates on the go

  • Invoice

    clients and send reminders

  • 24/7

    support and resources

Kickserv is 100% customizable to meet your needs and can be accessed securely from any mobile device. When you need rock-solid record keeping and effective task management for your Landscaping & Arborist business, Kickserv is your best choice.

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