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Credit Card Integration

Card payments instantly, financed payments, and reasonable rates

Get Paid, Fast

Collect credit card payments instantly, over the phone or in person with our mobile app. Request a payment by text message and get paid with a click. Payments can appear in your account in minutes. No more driving to the bank with a glove box full of checks!

Request a payment, pay with a text

No more mailing paper invoices, depositing checks, or calling late payers on the phone. Kickserv’s digital payment puts all that in the past. Send estimates and invoices with a simple text message. Your customers can pay instantly by credit card with a couple of taps.

Request a payment at any time

Need to take a payment before the job is done, or remind a late customer of their balance? Request a payment at any time during the job lifecycle. Take deposits and progress payments, and send reminders–all by text message.

Easy, fast mobile payment in the field

Get paid before you even leave the job site with the Kickserv® mobile app. Simply tap the credit card to the mobile device through the Kickerv app. It’s simple and secure. Card information is never stored on your device. No special hardware required!

Competitive rates and simple setup

Kickserv teamed up with Stripe to provide secure, industry-leading credit card payments. Setup is simple and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Everyone with a valid checking account is approved.


Transaction fees are competitive, and we offer a single rate for everyone – regardless of your plan. Accept payments with Tap to Pay right from your mobile device and get a discounted rate of 2.9%. If the credit card is not present when the transaction is processed, the rate is 3.9%.

Still got questions about how credit card payments work? We’ve got you covered.

Buy now, pay later with Financed Payments

Unexpected jobs can break your customer’s budget, and credit card interest rates don’t always suit big purchases. Adding installment plans as a payment option can boost your close rate by over 40%, as well as increase your average purchase price. Your customers can now cover those large or unexpected jobs with help from Klarna.

Get funding to grow your business

Stripe Capital provides access to fast, flexible financing so you can manage cash flows and invest in growth. With easy applications, funds typically arrive the next business day directly to your Stripe account. There is one flat fee that never changes. The best part: there are no compounding interest charges, collateral obligations, or late fees.

Instant Payouts

How’d you like to get paid for the work instantly? With Stripe’s Instant Payouts option, your customer pays by credit card, and funds appear in your account within 30 minutes—in some cases, even before you’ve left the job site. Not all banks support Instant Payouts, and there’s an additional 1% fee. Read more here.