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Kickserv provides industry-leading field service management software that allows electricians to carefully and accurately manage their workflow and improve efficiency. For more than 25 years, our service business software has been helping companies enhance customer relationship management, schedule jobs, and more so that they can focus on their professional passions. Our products help you organize every business-related activity that you have – including lead management, online service requests, and QuickBooks integration. By handling your business responsibilities, our electrician software programs let you devote your time and energy to growing your company and providing the exceptional services to which your customers have become accustomed. If you are ready to lessen your bookkeeping burden, call Kickserv today to learn more about the electrical contractor software available to you.

Importance of Electrician Software

There are many reasons for becoming an electrician. You may have gotten into the industry because you have a passion for working with your hands, you want to help people, or you like being your own boss. But with the freedom to do what you love comes the responsibility of myriad other business-specific responsibilities. Running a company is challenging. You need to manage scheduling for yourself and your employees, create invoices for your customers, keep track of payments and expenses, and much more. Kickserv recognizes that none of these tasks fulfill your passion for electrical services. We want to afford you more time to focus on what makes you happy and growing your business, so we have developed electrician CRM software that can handle all of your business-related chores in one convenient application. Not only will our electrician service software help you, but it will also be beneficial for the clients who expect convenience throughout the process.

Benefits of Using Field Service Management

Field service management software is essential to service companies of all sizes in all industries. It helps manage an end-to-end workflow that allows business owners to focus on their customers and service requests while growing their companies. Kickserv’s platform has been streamlined over the last quarter-century to ensure ease of use and efficiency. All of your customers’ valuable information will be accessible in one convenient location, allowing you to retrieve appointment history, descriptions of past services, and much more. This information will enable you and your technicians to better serve your clients, thus improving customer relations and your reputation in the community. Furthermore, field service management software will allow you to complete your jobs more efficiently, which provides more time to complete additional services and improves your bottom line.

Take Advantage of QuickBooks Integration

By integrating your electrical contractor software with QuickBooks, you will be able to easily provide estimates, track expenses, and create invoices that include billable hours. You can even sync Kickserv with your mobile devices for ease of use while you are at a job site. This will help your field technicians communicate with your office staff to expedite the ordering process and schedule follow-up services as necessary. All of these benefits make everyday cost and revenue tracking simple and convenient.

Our Electrician Service Software Improves Workflow

Kickserv’s electrician dispatch software makes scheduling a breeze. Whether you are dealing with a new client over the phone or meeting with an existing client at his or her property, you can quickly access your schedule and that of your technicians to arrange services. This is extremely beneficial if you need to use separate technicians for a similar project. Our electrician business solutions let you leave detailed notes and document the services you need to perform, which will come in handy for subsequent visits. From a digital dashboard, you can access all of your customers’ files and your staff’s availability to improve workflow and complete tasks quickly. Our software also has GPS tracking, making it easy to track progress and update customers regarding arrival times.

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