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Trusted by thousands of service pros around the world

“Kickserv is built & trusted by service pros. The #1 most user-friendly & most affordable software for small businesses. Before Kickserv our estimates and invoicing system was too complicated. Kickserv was a game changer for us!” <br><br> Check it out!

Check it out!

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Customer Success Stories

Angela D.

May, 2024 "One of the best features of Kickserv is the integrated map. We are a mobile business and once a tech clicks on a job, they can easily click on directions without having to use a separate app. The invoicing is super easy and it integrates with Quickbooks which is a huge help for our business."

Jennifer F.

May, 2024 "Kickserv is so user friendly, and the best part is you can do everything on the go using either the mobile app or the online access. It has everything our small business needs to operate efficiently, and our customers love it too! We get so many compliments from our notifications when our tech is en route to our overall invoice. It's an all around wonderful system!"

Morgan M.

January, 2024 "I am beyond pleased with our experience so far with Kickserv. The customer support is fast and effective. If there was ever a need that I couldn't figure out on my own, Kickserv was there to immediately remedy the solution. Also, the 2 way sync with Quickbooks is a game changer. Love it!!

Toni D.

February, 2024 "Kickserv is very easy to use. It is great for those in the field service industry. I utilized it for an HVAC company. The best thing about it is the ability to run just about any customized report you want. You can see the schedule and make changes quickly and easily. The developers also will listen and discuss anything needed to improve the software."

Jordan M.

January, 2024 "Best addition to our field service in over a decade. HANDS DOWN!" The team and I use Kickserv 7 days a week, once you become familiar with their software navigating is a breeze. The most difficult part of the implementation was the time involed, but that is inhearant with the implementation of any software. We did encounter some trouble when integrating our QuickBooks, but the error was on the side of our QuickBooks account itself and when reaching out to customer support for assistance in resolving our issue, their response time was fast and got us back on track without any headache. Having everything at our fingertips and all in one place has improved efficiencies for us pretty dramatically. The ability to create and send estimates, receive approvals, communicate with customers and receive payments much faster! Customer feedback has been positive also, the customer center offers a lot of information, ultimately reducing the frequency of phone calls & emails, creating more time for us to stay ahead!

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