The heads of the Dojo

We are your Kickserv® leadership team

Meet the people working behind the scenes who built Kickserv from day one.

  • CEO
    Todd Eccles
    Todd has over 30 years' combined experience in both the service industry (specifically plumbing & water damage) and building SaaS businesses supporting the service industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of Kickserv. Todd recently moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where he lives with his amazing wife of 20+ years and two children. Todd has 2 amazing kids, ages 19 & 21. He’s a strong autism advocate for his son and loves watching his daughter in her musical theater performances and supporting her in her studies to become a registered dietician. He loves being able to help service entrepreneurs every day.
  • CTO
    Jonathan Vaught
    Jonathan has been involved in all technical aspects of Kickserv® since 2011, when he was contracted to audit the existing (and even then quite old) codebase. Since then he has served as software engineer, development team leader, product manager, copywriter, de facto CTO, and probably a few other roles he's forgotten about. He officially joined the executive team as co-founder in the spring of 2021. In his pre-Kickserv life, Jonathan wrote Ruby, .NET and even Java code at various places, including a very early e-commerce web platform he built in the late '90s. He has a Computer Engineering degree from the University of South Carolina, a couple of old blogs gathering dust somewhere, too many guitars, and way too many other hobbies to actually spend time on.
  • Board Advisor
    Erik Eccles
    Erik advises on Kickserv®'s business strategy. Erik has led three different startups to successful exits: Urbandoor (acquired by Airbnb in August 2019), Jumpcut (Yahoo! in 2006), and Versly (Cisco in 2011). Erik’s entrepreneurial spirit and competitive drive were developed at a young age. He watched his father build one of the largest privately owned plumbing service companies in the US (twice) and competed in alpine ski racing at elite levels starting in childhood through college. To this day, his father’s leadership style and customer-centricity is a source of inspiration, and he loves to go fast downhill.