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Track locations, dispatch technicians and communicate effectively with customers, all from your phone.

"Before Kickserv, we were still using paper invoices. We really wanted to go paperless and this really helped! We also didn't have to tell customers that they needed to call the office to pay with a card."

Emily B.

Built by plumbers, for plumbers

It’s no secret that Kickserv’s founders were originally plumbers looking to run their business operations more efficiently. Once we built this platform, we knew we had a bigger mission: to share it with service professionals like you. So we made it smart, efficient and most importantly, easy to use. You won’t waste time training yourself or your personnel to use it. We made customer communications, project management and invoicing as easy as a few clicks on your phone. And with our GPS tracking, you’ll always know where your technicians are.

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The right tools for...

  • Flexible scheduling

    Schedule recurring appointments and adjust when plans change.

  • Contactless payment

    Employees can text or email estimates and invoices and collect payment while they’re at the job site.

  • Estimate approval

    Send estimates via text or email and get customers to sign the estimate in-person through our app.

With Kickserv, you can:

  • Track

    your client accounts and make detailed notes

  • Record

    client interactions, payments and attach documentation to each task

  • Manage

    your workflow and schedule employees

  • Sync

    your payments and costs to QuickBooks™

  • Analyze

    your marketing and website analytics

  • Make

    more dynamic estimates on the go

  • Invoice

    clients and send reminders

  • 24/7

    support and resources

Kickserv is 100% customizable to meet your needs and can be accessed securely from any mobile device. When you need rock-solid record keeping and effective task management for your Plumbing/Pumping business, Kickserv is your best choice.

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