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Peter McKesson // May 16, 2015

You know its a growing market when Amazon and Google dive in. Field service companies are increasingly becoming a major part of the US economy – with 13% of jobs in the US in the field service, or home service space.

This New York Times article highlights how Amazon and Google are betting that consumers of these field services will want to access them in a different, more frictionless way. This is all part of the ever-evolving customer behavior. They are busy, need convenience and need your service on their terms. Amazon and Google are betting they can be the platform that streamlines how they access the work you can provide.

It's an interesting opportunity for field service companies. Tap into the distribution of these companies, but at a cost. Would you do this if 20% of each job was paid out to a 3rd party partner and the prices you were allowed to charge were lower?

It will be interesting to see. We’ll continue to address these evolving trends in an upcoming guide we plan to publish. We’ll look at trends like how consumers are accessing information and selecting their vendors. Once they are working with you, how have their expectations changed. And within your own company, what emerging expectations do you need to pay attention to.

It seems you can either align to a partner that can help bring you these efficiencies and business or seek out ways to achieve this on your own terms.

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