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Peter McKesson // October 22, 2014

Here is an early look at what we’ll be releasing Friday. We’ve made some big improvements to Invoices and we’d like to give you a quick primer on some changes to the Invoice workflow.

Invoices Page

A lot has changed here. We’ve simplified the view so that you can quickly see who’s Paid and who hasn’t. In addition, handy icons will show you if an Invoice has been sent and viewed.

Batch Invoice Editing

We’ve also added the ability to batch edit Invoices. You can now mark invoices as Paid or Sent right from the list page.

Batch Invoice Mailing

You can also email multiple invoices at once. Just select which invoices to send, click Email, and a confirmation box will pop up. We’ll send invoices to the Contact’s email address (or the parent Contact if set to bill parent). If there is no email address for a Contact, you can fill it out in the confirmation box. If you don’t know it, just leave it blank and we won’t send that invoice.

Single Invoice

When viewing a single invoice, you’ll notice a few visual changes, and some new options to give you more control.

The new Paid Indicator appears at the top of the Invoice page and shows the date the Invoice was marked as Paid. You can manually mark an Invoice as Paid at any time.

You can now manually mark an Invoice as Sent (if you snail mail it, for example).

As always, when we release updates or improvements to Kickserv, we love to hear your feedback. You can always reach us by clicking on the Support link at the top right of your Kickserv account.

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