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Peter McKesson // July 28, 2015

Plumbing remains a vital service for residential and commercial customers alike. The plumbing industry can gain numerous benefits from many of today’s efficient business task management tools, such as mobile operations apps, online communications, and advanced scheduling. These services offer plumbers a streamlined method of communication, task assignment, and billing to improve job efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Mobile Operations Apps

As a service-based industry, plumbers are frequently on the go, often spending much of the day out of the office on service appointments or in transit from one location to the next. Staying up to date on each employee’s location and task list will help you more efficiently manage your staff and your resources to reduce wasted time and money in terms of travel expenses. Mobile operations apps allow you to keep track of your entire team regardless of their location, helping you to manage your business tasks, opportunities, and services easily and quickly. Team members can update their location, job status, schedule, and other information when they are out of the office, while task management staff can send notifications, notes, updates, and more to a single team member or your entire staff.

Online Appointment Booking and Billing

In today’s online world, clients are continually seeking greater convenience. Online appointment booking allows clients to instantly access your availability and schedule an appointment, even when booking services outside of your normal operating hours. This reduces strain on your phone lines and task management staff during business hours, while improving the ease with which new and returning clients can access your staff and your services as well. When booking an appointment for plumbing services is as easy as a few clicks with a mouse, you’ll gain more business and improve your scheduling efficiency. Once each job is complete, online invoice generation and billing makes the payment process easier for you and your clients alike. You can provide clear billing information, including the date, location, staff member, and time and supplies required for each job, then send an invoice with a single click. Online payment options allow customers to submit payment information without the need for paper billing, reducing your operating costs and streamlining your business operations.

Advanced Scheduling and Job Tracking

Plumbing work often requires specialized knowledge and tools to get the job done. Advanced scheduling services allow you to see your upcoming schedule and prepare for specific tasks by assigning the right equipment and staff members for each job, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction while lowering your overall operating costs. Job tracking also provides up-to-the-minute scheduling information so you can see where each employee is deployed, how long they’ve been working, and their estimated time to completion for billing and scheduling purposes. If you need to make last-minute scheduling changes, job tracking will also allow you to see how best to implement these chances to reduce their impact on your overall task list and business goals for the day.

Are you ready to discover how these business management tools can boost your plumbing business? We invite you to click through our website to explore our services and learn more about the benefits of efficient time and task management. You can also contact us online for support, pricing information, or to start your free service trial.

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