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Peter McKesson // January 30, 2017

Cleaning companies operate in a fast-paced industry that is completely driven by customer service. Satisfied customers can mean a barrage of referrals for your business, but if you can’t juggle the extra demands, your company won’t be able to grow. Fortunately, with Kickserv, you can track leads, manage employees, invoice customers, and run your calendar all in a single location. Here is a closer look at how Kickserv can help your cleaning business run more efficiently.

Customer Scheduling

The calendar is everything to a cleaning business. It lets your company keep your regular clients on the schedule, lets all of your employees know where to be and when, and easily shows openings where you can fit in new clients. The calendar for cleaning companies is also highly changeable, as customers reschedule appointments or request last-minute service. The dynamic calendar in Kickserv makes it easy to schedule cleaning visits and make changes at any time, from any location. Make it easy to accommodate your customers’ requests without compromising your employees’ efficiency by keeping the calendar consistently up to date.

Tracking Employees

When you have a team of cleaners providing services throughout your city, how do you really know if they are where they are supposed to be, when they arrive at the location, and when they leave? With GPS check-in ability on Kickserv, you can manage your employees’ movements with ease. Identify chronic tardiness and determine how long your cleaners are spending at each location. Not only will this make it easier to manage your employees, but it will also help with pricing concerns. You can see accurately how much travel time is involved in a job and how long is needed to complete it, so you don’t have to guess how much to charge.

Tracking Customers

Knowing each customers’ history with your business makes it easier to provide them with the best possible service. Use Kickserv to track all of your customers’ information, from their first cleaning service to their current schedule. You can also see their past invoices to ensure that they are current on payments and use information about their current cleaning services to offer them incentives to try new services or to refer customers.

Kickserv business management software puts everything you need to run your cleaning business at your fingertips with our intuitive mobile app and software system. Get the information you need about our services on our website, and don’t forget to bookmark our blog for some great advice for small businesses.

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