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Peter McKesson // July 22, 2015

Smart task management is the key to utilizing office talent and time effectively. Whether your team is large or small, tracking their availability, current projects and appointments, and projected time-to-completion is the best way to improve productivity, sales, and efficiency. Keep reading to take a quick look at how an advanced calendar program can help you instantly improve employee output.

Instant Access to Availability

Knowing your employees’ availability is an important first step in assigning tasks and scheduling meetings or appointments more easily. The less time you spend looking up employee availability, the more time you can dedicate to getting work done, rather than assigning work in the first place. An advanced calendar system allows your employees to input and update their availability in seconds with just a few clicks. As a project manager, you can instantly access current and future employee availability to best determine how work tasks should be assigned. An advanced calendar also makes scheduling meetings an easy task—rather than sending out a series of emails asking for availability or preferred meeting times, this information will already be readily available to you, reducing the amount of legwork you must do to settle on a meeting time and date that accommodates all your employees’ needs.

Dynamic Filtering and Color Coding

Dynamic filtering is a valuable tool that allows you to easily find the scheduling and time management information you need. When using an advanced calendar program that features dynamic filtering, you’ll be able to quickly look up which employees are assigned to various projects, meetings, clients, and more, based on any type of search input parameters you can imagine. With all this information right at your fingertips, you’ll be able to more easily and efficiently assign new tasks or schedule appointments and meetings based on the current workload, task types, and client base of your employees. Additionally, color coding options make it easier than ever to visualize workloads at a single glance. Assigning various colors by project type, employee responsibilities, or specific client can provide you with a simple snapshot of your company’s current status for better time tracking and management purposes.

Visual Time Blocking

One of the major benefits of an advanced calendar system is its ability to help you and your employees more easily block your time. Time blocking is simply the reservation of a “block” of time (e.g., an hour) on your schedule for a certain task. This technique offers many benefits, including boosting mental preparedness for various tasks, improving overall organizational and time management skills, and honing mental focus on the specified task during each time block. By creating blocked schedules in your advanced calendar system, you and your employees will be able to visualize tasks and events more effectively, improving overall preparedness and focus to boost your business’ efficiency and productivity.

An advanced calendar application is a valuable tool you can use to improve business and task management in any type of office environment. You can learn more about the business management tools and solutions we offer or take a tour of our business services when you visit us on the web.

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