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Peter McKesson // June 19, 2014

We’ve just added the Activity Center, a great new feature that will help you stay connected with what’s new with Kickserv.

Improved Communication from Kickserv

The Activity Center’s most exciting feature is the Announcements section, a central place for product announcements, downtime notices, and any other Kickserv-specific messaging.

We’ll now subtly alert you when you have unread announcements, by changing the color of the Activity Center icon to black. You can always hover over the icon to see your current unread count.

We’ll also alert you of any new announcements when you login to Kickserv. You can quickly view all of your unread announcements or mark them all as read.

We’ve also made it really easy to view your Recent Activity feed and your Email Activity feed.

We think the Activity Center is a great new feature that will allow us to keep you informed with the latest Kickserv news.

Until next time!

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