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Kickserv's API Explanation

Kickserv Adds API for Integration Customization

Peter McKesson // March 27, 2009

Kickserv's Announces API for Integration Customization

Exciting news for companies and customers looking to integrate with Kickserv – our API is on track to be released sometime in April.

Not familiar with the “API” acronym? It's an Application Programming Interface. Basically API's enable applications to exchange data and functionality easily and securely. Learn more about APIs and how they work.

Examples of how an API might be used in Kickserv

  • A customer could build a custom time tracking desktop widget and have timecards attached to Kickserv jobs automatically
  • A GPS navigation provider could offer an integration through which Kickserv jobs could be shown through their GPS displays
  • A customer/developer could integrate Kickserv with other accounting systems

The possibilities are endless and we are excited to be providing a simple and effective way to integrate with Kickserv.

Click here for API Documentation

Note: We provide our API for use by your own internal or external development team. Kickserv cannot assist with implementation or development of your applications.

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