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Kickserv Calendar Sync

Kickserv Calendar integration

Peter McKesson // October 23, 2008

Kickserv's Calendar Integration

A great new feature we are officially launching today is the ability to see your Kickserv jobs and tasks via your current calendar program such as Outlook, iCal or Google calendar.

Get a quick rundown by watching a quick 2 minute demo of this feature:

Tip: Click the icon on the bottom right of the player to watch in full-screen mode.

Why is this a big deal?

  1. You now have offline access to Kickserv job and task data
  2. Your desktop calendar will popup a reminder alarm for jobs and tasks

How can I try it out?

  1. Click on the Employees link in the upper right sidebar
  2. Click on the appropriate employee
  3. Click on the appropriate feed url under the iCalendar Feeds section
  4. Your calendar program should take over from here and add the new calendar

What calendars support this integration?

Any calendar that supports the industry-standard iCalendar format including:

  • Outlook 2007
  • iCal
  • Google Calendar

Is Outlook 2003 supported?

Outlook 2003 does not support the iCalendar format. However there is a third-party plugin to enable iCalendar support called RemoteCalendars.

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