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Kickserv Custom Contact Reporting Screenshot

Kickserv Custom Contact Reporting

Peter McKesson // April 9, 2009

Kickserv Custom Contact Reports

We’ve added the ability to include contact information on custom contact reports and job reports.

Customer reports

If a customer has more than one contact the customer will appear as multiple rows (one row for each contact). Combined with a grouping by customer name, this gives a nice view of a customer’s contacts.

To narrow down customer rows you can add the following filter:

Contact Primary is not blank

This will filter out any contact that is not marked as the primary contact.

Of course if there are multiple primary contacts then multiple customer rows will still appear.

Job reports

Job reports only return one row regardless of the number of customer contacts. The contact displayed is the first primary contact for the customer.

We hope you enjoy these new reporting enhancements!

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