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Kickserv Using Twilio

Kickserv upgraded infrastructure to support texting

Peter McKesson // September 5, 2013

Kickserv Old Texting Method

Currently we send text messages via email where an email is converted to a text by sending it to an address like this. Cell phone providers are promoting that they are going to stop providing support for this form of texting in the near future so we started looking for a better solution some months ago especially after an incident with T Mobile where they stopped sending SMS out via email for about 2 weeks.

And Now....

We are happy to announce that we upgraded our messaging service tonight to a well known product called Twilio. They support other well known brands as Intuit and Hulu so we are in good company. One of the other advantages to moving over to a texting platform like Twilio is we will have more functionality available to us. We can now start to develop other features such as reply confirmations and sending texts out to customers. We just rolled this change out tonight so let us know if you run into any issues with your text messages so we can get right on it. Email

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