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Multiple Device Secure Logins in Kickserv

Multiple Device Secure Logins in Kickserv

Peter McKesson // October 8, 2013

Secure Logins on Multiple Devices

We recently implemented updated security features on Kickserv, and during the process some customers experienced login issues. To address the issue, we disabled the system logout when our system has identified a second device that is logged into a user account. In place of logging out the account, we have modified the system to post an alert to the user if there is more than one active device using the account. This should address both the issues with potentially losing data as well as the necessity to log back into the system when switching between devices. We are sorry for any inconvenience and are thankful to our user community for helping us come up with a solution that keeps user accounts safe and alerted to potentially nefarious activity while minimally affecting user experience.

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