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Kickserv New Pricing Announcement

New Pricing Announced by Kickserv

Kickserv News
Peter McKesson // July 29, 2012

New Pricing Announcement

In anticipation of our new release this summer, we pre-released our new pricing policy that will be more cost effective to add more users to your account.

What's New

Every employee now has every feature available to them. The account owner can now decide what they want each employee to view as a user. We realize this will cost more for some customers who had just one user and several employees with no access, therefore you are not required to change. We changed our pricing due to the overwhelming demand from our customers to lower the cost for giving thier employees access. More and more of our customers are wanting their employees to access the software via mobile. We delivered. Just yesterday if you wanted 10 users on our Basic Plus plan it would cost you $350 per month. Now it only will cost you $99 plus $25 per month if you want to add on the QuickBooks Integration. We also were able to lower the monthly cost by seperating out the Customer Self Service Portal which is now an add on for $25 per month.

Grandfathered Plans

Of course, we continue to grandfather in old pricing plans for people who started with us since at the beginning. They were the early adopters and we thank them for their loyalty and persistence and trust in sticking with us.

What's Next

If you wish to switch to the new plan, please email If you want to give more employees access then it will make more sense to move over to the new pricing plans.

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