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Kickserv Updates Estimate, Invoice and Work Order Templates

Peter McKesson // May 18, 2009

More Professional Estimates, Invoices and Work Orders

We are excited to announce that our estimate, invoice, and work order templates have been revamped to look more professional and be more flexible.

Prior to this update viewing and printing work orders were handled differently than estimates and invoices. Also, the online view of the template did not match the printed PDF version.

With the new template system:

  • A job can be viewed in one of three templates: estimate, invoice, and work order
  • All templates are handled the same way for consistency
  • All templates can be printed to PDF for easy emailing and printing
  • The online view matches the printed PDF version (unless you have manually overridden with a custom template)
  • Default templates are much improved over the previous versions
  • Estimate and invoice template have two editable sections for terms and notes
  • Default terms and notes can be set for estimate and invoice templates

We are really excited about this update and we hope you find these changes very beneficial.

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