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  • How Local Listings Can Improve Your Web Presence: 4 Benefits

    Are you having trouble improving your online presence? Do you want to get in front of the right audience and drive customers to your store or website? Visit our blog page for more details.

  • Taking Your Contracting Business to the Next Level

    Many entrepreneurs think that starting a business is the biggest challenge they will face, but in reality, growing your company can be the trickiest part of the journey. For contractors, stiff competition and strict licensing requirements can make growth even more difficult to manage. Fortunately, with a few smart strategies and the right tools—such as… Read more

  • How to Minimize Wasted Time at Work

    Time management is always an issue in the workplace, and in service-based industries, when employees spend most of their days working independently in the field, it can be an even bigger concern. Covering your business’ labor costs demands that your employees use their time efficiently, but how can you be sure that is the case,… Read more

  • Strategies for Growing Your Cleaning Business

    You’ve chosen a business name, done some marketing, and landed your first set of clients. Now it’s time to take up your cleaning business to the next level of success. Although the idea of growing a business can be intimidating for new entrepreneurs, there are simple strategies you can use to make sure your cleaning… Read more

  • How to Launch an Employee Feedback System

    If you asked your employees how they are performing in their jobs, would their answers match yours? Without an effective feedback system, your employees don’t know how they are doing at their work, and they don’t have any idea if they could be making improvements or if they are excelling. Even if your business is… Read more

  • Tips for Starting a Plumbing Business

    Plumbing is a lucrative industry and a reliable field. When you’re tired of lending your services to another company and are ready to strike out on your own, it’s time to start your own plumbing company. Although the process of starting your own business may seem overwhelming, by tackling it a little bit at a… Read more

  • Simplifying Your Customer Appointment Scheduling Issues

    At the core of your business is your customer appointment calendar. Is yours easy to manage? Your scheduling system should be easy for customers to navigate and understand and simple for your employees to check and follow. Last-minute appointments and schedule changes shouldn’t result in dead time for your staff but rather should let them… Read more

  • Preventing Common Employee Management Problems

    Whether you have a small staff of just a few employees or you’re in charge of managing the managers, leading employees can be fraught with difficulties. To manage effectively, you need a combination of tools, from people skills to the right business management software. Don’t let employee management issues get in the way of how… Read more

  • Answering Your Questions About Kickserv

    Kickserv is a powerful software platform that brings big-business style management to small and medium-sized companies. If you’re thinking of joining the legions of business leaders across eight countries who have adopted Kickserv, there is a good chance that you have questions about our business and our platform. As you consider putting Kickserv to work… Read more

  • The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Managing Employees

    When you start a small business, you usually fill the role of every employee as you pour everything you have into building your company. As it grows, you’ll have to adjust the way you do things, from trying out new business management software to finally bringing employees on board. Because of the speed with which… Read more

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