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Peter McKesson // June 18, 2014

Reminders on Jobs and Opps

It’s now possible to add Reminders to Jobs and Opportunities. You’ll see the Add Reminder button at the top of the Schedule section on a Job or Opportunity. Reminders can be assigned to multiple technicians and given a date, just like Work events!

Improved work order printing

When printing work orders from the dashboard, you should notice an improved layout on your printouts. We’ve enhanced the layout to include page breaks between work orders, so handing out your daily schedule should be even easier than before!

Remove your company logo

You can now remove your logo without uploading a new one, if you need to.

Clearer notification settings

We’ve simplified the language in the Notifications area of the Edit Profile page.

Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

We’ve been working on a lot of things you probably won’t see, but you may notice things are moving a little quicker or working a little better. We’ve improved the layout of tables on small screens, for example, so it’s easier to find information.

Until next time!

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